Folk remedies for hair - simple and effective

If your hair is in poor condition, they will not save any stylish haircut or coloring in the most fashionable color.The main guarantee of beautiful hair - their health.But lovely tresses - it does not necessarily build-up, lamination, straightening, and other tricks offered by beauty salons.Make your hairstyle amazing you help folk remedies for hair prepared independently.

for hair growth are excellent home remedies using herbal concoctions and nutrients (such as egg yolks).Some folk remedies for hair growth have become classics, and has repeatedly proven its effectiveness:
Nettle lotion.
small amount of nettle leaves, about 1 spoon pour a glass of boiling water.Give broth brew, and after an hour, strain through cheesecloth.Lotion rubbed into the scalp.
Onion mask.
Take equal amount of peeled onions and garlic, finely chop, mix, and rub into the skin of a lot.At 1.5 hours, wrap the head with a towel and then rinse with plenty of warm water.
Ointment juniper.
Crush the juniper fruits and m

ix with an equal amount of vegetable oil.The mixed composition of the transfer to a container with a lid, heat and the hour in a water bath.Without opening the lid allow the mixture to cool, then strain it through cheesecloth and rub into the scalp daily.The optimal rate of use of the funds - and a half weeks.
yolk mask.
two yolks, mix with a little water.Apply the resulting mask on your hair and hold for an hour.Rinse with warm water.

described above are folk remedies for hair, perfectly stimulates hair follicles, hair and filled with vitamins.Providing not only their growth, but also food.

strengthen hair often involves the use of oils.They are great for making masks, lotions, ointments and other compositions.Folk remedies for hair strengthening easy to prepare at home:
Hot wrap.
Take any oil: almond, makodemii, jojoba, sesame or more.Heat in a water bath and apply on hair.Wrap head with a towel soaked in hot water and soak time.
rinse decoction of birch.
birch leaves pour boiling water and allow the mixture to brew.After cooling down, rinse her hair.
Burdock oil.
Mix oil with red pepper.Insist day, then strain.Apply on the scalp.
Sandthorn mask.
buckthorn oil with vegetable mix in a ratio of 9: 1.Rub into the hair roots.Keep this mask should be within an hour.

Folk remedies for hair tonic prepared using oils, perfectly nourish and repair damaged hair.

To maintain the natural beauty, use traditional remedies to improve hair color.

Blondes can use chamomile decoction for rinsing.Then their hair will get a golden hue desired.

brunette as a rinse suit tea infusion.He will make the color of their hair more saturated.

Any locks can be made shiny by using a mixture of lemon juice and water.Mix a liter of water with lemon juice and rinse it means the head after washing.

to prevent loss and combat dandruff, use of folk remedies for hair in a recipe including burdock.Some of the roots of this plant are put in an enamel container and fill with water.Then place the container in the oven and heat until the roots are tender.Then strain the broth, and subsequently, wetting their hair.This can be done on a daily basis.

Folk remedies for hair prepared yourself can bring immeasurable benefit than purchased.The main thing in the complex treatment combining proper nutrition and protect the hair from the adverse effects of environmental factors.Do not forget about the headdress in the winter or during the summer in the sun, do not be carried away by the frequent use of hot curling irons and straighteners, and then your hair will always be irresistible.