Dry Hair - How to return life to them?

Beautiful hair and healthy well-groomed hair - the main indicator of beauty woman part of its unique look and charm.However, in order to maintain the beauty of the Summit of the curls need daily care, care for, and, if necessary, treated.Nothing spoils the look of a perfect female representatives, as sick hair dry, lifeless and dull.To bring the victims of excessive dryness of the strands in order will require a little time and effort, but the result - in this there is no doubt - will meet all expectations.

Why does hair become dry?

reasons that lead to such problems often are internal and external.External usually associated with frequent dyeing or bleaching hair, prolonged use of tight hats.In addition to external stimuli resulting in strands diseases include injuries and, of course, lack of proper proper care.Internal causes are more serious and dangerous: intoxication certain substances, the presence of skin diseases (such as athlete's foot or abrasions), some infectious diseases (syphilis or typ

hus), allergies to medicines, lack of trace elements and vitamins, as well as the course of the postoperative period, and disorders of the nervous system.It is due to internal or external factors, and sometimes this is a problem - dry brittle hair.

there are difficulties - it is necessary to find a solution

diseases with natural decorations of every woman must necessarily be treated promptly to avoid serious consequences and complications.First, dry hair should be washed by special designed to support a mild shampoo.Rub it into the skin can not be - at the same time then washed out of the fat, which is already too little.The best thing a small amount of foam into the palm, then wash and rinse the foam curls it.It is worth remembering that dry hair do not like hot water, which is very harmful for them, combing until dry and metal combs, harmful to the structure of the hair.

If there were problems with split ends - it's time to take up the scissors.The tips must be cut so that they do not create extra load and not "pulled" nutrients and sebum from the roots.However, once rid of dry hair split ends is not enough, they need to be trimmed regularly, and, in addition, to protect hair from UV sunlight, do not use a hair dryer in the "hot" mode and do occasionally useful mask.

Dry hair under the protection masks

So mask - useful and nutritious, regenerative and moisturizing, incredibly useful and necessary, especially in winter when the natural beauty of hair in need of support and care.The mask for dry hair should be applied regularly to the spring of the woman was fully armed and ready to conquer the stronger sex.

nourishing mask made from a mixture of raw eggs (1 pc.) With castor oil (30 g.), Glycerin (8 oz.), And apple cider vinegar (10 oz.).Apply the mask should be the full length of the hair to the tips of the roots, so they can be warmed to wrap a towel and wash off after half an hour of light shampoo.

oil mask - a very useful and effective - can be prepared from vegetable or olive oil cooled, which is able to restore the structure of hair.For the mask you need to mix oil (80 g.) And lemon juice (1 pc.), Then apply the composition to dry hair for half an hour.

honey and egg mask works very efficiently and quickly.Its creation requires the yolk (1 pc.), Garlic (1 tooth.) And honey (12 oz.), Which are a mixture applied to the scalp, carefully comb through the hair and left for the night.On the morning of the mask is best wash infusion of nettle.