Chloe - bag for a lady

Nothing demonstrates the good taste of a woman, how to choose a pair of shoes and accessories of good quality.It is said that in the wardrobe lady may not be expensive dresses and many outfits, but a designer handbag (even one) will accentuate any image.

Chloe - a solution for an elegant, refined and sophisticated women who prefer extravagance and practical fashion classics.About Chloe bag dream of every stylish lady, understand the brand, but not everyone can afford to buy such an accessory for a couple of thousand pounds.

What distinguishes the fashion house Chloe, bags which are produced than a decade?First of all, devotion to tradition.How many times have not changed leading designer brand Chloe remains true simplicity and femininity.

History of the brand Chloe.Bags, clothes and accessories from Paris

first heard of Chloe in 1945.Then a young and wealthy Gaby Agen, a girl from a family of aristocrats decided to do modeling clothes.The first dress designer develops for friends, later with t

he dressmakers, created a collection of clothes and sent dioramas Karvenu, Jacques Fattah, who appreciated her work.Then everything went as well as possible, Gaby worked in the studio a few dressmakers, shivshih clothes she designs.So there was a brand Chloe, which is rapidly developing and popular with the Parisian bohemia.The first fashion show of young designers held in 1956.Already in the 60s the world was presented the first bag Chloe.In 1966, work on the products included Karl Lagerfeld, thanks to which Chloe talked about around the world.In the 70s here dressed, we bought bags and accessories such lady like Grace Kelly, Mary Kallsas, Brigitte Bardot and many others.Currently Chloe style changes frequently, but the company has always remained true to the classical forms of bags, which are the standard of beauty and quality in the world of high fashion for many decades.

Today Chloe - bag, which can be found in the wardrobes socialite, Hollywood actresses, singers.Star ladies prefer the classic form that resembles the model of Louis Vuitton, but is exclusive.Roomy model Aurore caramel color combined with both the way in the style of casual, and from classical outfits.

distinguish the original from a fake Chloe

Chloe - bags that are often subject to copy the Chinese manufacturers and companies in the mass market.It is important to know the difference between the real thing for a few thousand dollars from cheap copies.First of all, you must understand that there is identification on the original label and serial number.You can check the date of issue of the bag and compared with the time when the collection was released.Pay attention to small details: sewing, lock, quality zipper, fabric lining, the type of corners and others. Unfortunately, even in metropolitan stores like GUM and TSUM, buyers can cheat and give a high-quality counterfeit of the original.Chloe - Bag with history, so be careful when buying.In case of fraud in the branded boutiques item can be returned to until the warranty period expires.