Kitchen vegetable cutter Nicer Dicer Plus

assistant remarkable that any hostess will need in everyday life, is a vegetable cutter Nicer Dicer Plus.This cooking device with which it is possible in a short period of time chop vegetables or fruits to create a delicious salad, grate them for roasting or cooking soups.Also, thanks to the special nozzle entering into a set, can be cut fruits and vegetables into neat slices that are ideal for decorating your delicious dishes.

This unique device combines a grater, cutter and slicer.Using it saves a lot of time and culinary specialties prepared pretty quickly.No longer have to be cautious, trying not to get hurt while using a metal trowel.After the blade slicer Nayser Dayser Plus, the reviews of which only positive, never hurt your hands.It is much more convenient and safer than conventional blades.

slicer Nicer Dicer Plus is designed so that all the vegetables while cutting do not scatter on the table and directly into the container, ensuring cleanliness in your kitchen.The container with the rema

ining products can be hermetically sealed with a lid and leave in the fridge - it's a long time ensure their safety.

Thanks to a specially designed stainless steel blade, peel fruits and vegetables will not wrinkle when cutting.You can easily cut the circles of tomato, pineapple - all the pieces will look as if they sliced ​​a professional chef knife.

sale vegetable cutter Nicer Dicer Plus kit, which includes:

  • transparent container;
  • cover for a hermetically sealed container;
  • device for cleaning the fruit from the skin;
  • grater with large protective cover;
  • insert for cutting large slices;
  • insert for cutting medium and large cubes;
  • insert for cutting into small cubes;
  • interchangeable nozzles for cutting 4 and 8 pieces;
  • holder for fruits and vegetables;
  • slicer;
  • cheese grater.

All of the components of the kit can easily fit into one container.Occupies space while cooking in the kitchen items - bowls, knives, cutting boards - Replace vegetable cutter Nicer Dicer Plus.Reviews that can be heard from the owners of this device, only positive.

slicer is equipped with a special button that makes the nozzle blade simply removed.They are easily cleaned under running water or you can entrust this process a dishwasher.Also, you can easily replace nozzles necessary.

its merits vegetable cutter Nicer Dicer Plus confirms the amazing German quality and comfort of use.Easy to use, compact size, stylish design, sharp stainless steel blade, easy cleaning and washing, saving time and a lot of good can be said about the kitchen assistant.

slicer is easy to use, it can be trusted even to children, and they will gladly help you with the cooking.It will also serve as a great gift for any housewife, because it really is a competent solution for the kitchen.