Dimensions of bed linen.

Ancient people did not care about the bedding, they slept on the skins and hides them away.In warmer areas of sheets and blanket were leaves and grass.In the Middle Ages, our ancestors slept on straw mattresses, covering them with barbed wool and coarse matter.Fashion on the linen appeared only in the fifteenth century, it was then that the bed began to dim tissues.Sheets were made by hand and decorated with exquisite lace, afford such a luxury and expensive thing could only richer.Only in the eighteenth century, sheets and pillowcases made available to other groups.At the time, sets of bed linen consisted of three or four sheets of various tissues and six pillowcases on the pillows of various sizes.Quilt in the form to which we are accustomed, it appeared only in the twentieth century, with the rapid development of light industry.Today life without these things is simply impossible to imagine.

There are various sizes of bed linen.Different countries have their own standards for the bedding.If we are

used to square and rectangular cushion with a long side of 70 centimeters, then go abroad cushion 30 to 40 and 80 to 80 centimeters.So it is with the size of mattresses and blankets.The size of bedding is always indicated on the package.In order to select the appropriate set, it is necessary to know the magnitude and size of the bed blankets and pillows.

Dimensions linen.Domestic classification

Dimensions of bed linen, which let Russian manufacturers:

- Kits for children's beds;

- kits sesqui- beds;

- for double beds;

- sets the size of the euro;

- family kits.

in all suites, in addition to children, includes sheets, two pillow cases, duvet cover.The bed linen set called "family" includes one additional duvet cover, so that it will suit the big bed owners who like to sleep under two different covers.But those who are accustomed to rest, arm in arm, suitable bedding, "the size of the euro."In the same category size bedding it can be different, so you need to know the exact measurements of their own pillows and blankets, carefully read the manufacturer's information on the package.

Dimensions linen.European classification

Foreign representatives of light industry label linen follows:

- «children» or «baby bed» - set for a cot;

- «twin», «single» or "1-bed» - bedroom set;

- «extra long single» or «1,5-bed» - one and a half set;

- «double», «full» or «2-bed» - a double set;

- «king-size» - set to very large bed.

designation «fitted sheet» indicates that a set of linen includes bed sheets with an elastic band tension.It is very easy to use because it is firmly fixed on the mattress, not break and does not require ironing.

In different countries, different bedding in size and has its own characteristics.For example, the Americans do not use ordinary blanket covers.These kits include a special sheet, which is fastened to the blanket using buttons or zippers.I must admit that it is very convenient.