Travel bag on wheels: how to choose the right.

Often happens in life so that we sit in the same place for years and will not leave.And suddenly, bang!We have come on holiday to our native sea or, even better, to distant lands.Thoughts begin to work feverishly, what else must be purchased in order to look its best.Here's our dressing room is more or less prepared.And then the question arises: "And what do I put it all?"Urgent need travel bag on wheels!And in a hurry, we're going to the store or on the leather goods market and there that just do not, and for all sorts of prices.How to understand the differences between the travel bags on wheels from each other?So let's deal.

Bags with wheels are made of various materials: leather, plastic, cloth.It all depends on your taste and budget.For example, plastic bags on wheels may crack during transportation, if it is a cheap option, but they are less rumpled things.Travel bag with wheels made of cloth, by weight, much easier, but you need to pay attention when choosing the quality of the material.He must

not allow moisture and framework must be built of durable and lightweight metal.As for the skin, it is better if it is easier.Generally, leather are heavy, but it is a budget option.

travel bag on wheels must be stable.It is necessary to pay attention, otherwise it will continue to be filled up, and your nerves will be frayed.For better stability of the bottom should be wider.And the wheels are made of high quality material - silicone rubber or solid.Mounting is also important, and that, before reaching the first threshold, one of the wheels will be for him.

Internal and pockets are not only comfort and functionality, and attractive design (look) of the product.This is particularly important for women.For them it is of great importance, as it would appear from the travel bag.But pockets and additional compartments allow not search the entire bag small things.It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of locks and zippers.In addition to the aesthetic function, they should be well fastened, without any jamming.

travel bag on wheels of their dimensions should take up very little space when folded, and meet the required size in a solid form.Thus, according to the requirements of airlines, size of carry-on baggage must be equal 55h40h20 cm and luggage - 50x50x100 cm. As regards weight, each airline their demands.

digress a little from the reality and plunge into the past: the beginning of the 19th century.From the history of the emergence of luggage it is known that the French journeyman carpenter, Louis Vuitton, engaged in manufacturing trunks, packing luggage, invented and manufactured a suitcase in the form in which it survives today.Previously, traveling bags and suitcases were convex shape and were very inconvenient for transportation.This he noticed inventing his suitcase.He knew that the flat bags take up less space in your luggage, and convenient to carry, rely on each other.Subsequently, he became widely known, to open a business for the production of suitcases and bags.Now it is one of the most widely promoted brands, which are very popular among fashionistas.But the suitcase on wheels appeared in the late 20th century.Its patented in 1980 by the American civil aviation pilot Robert Plath, has attached to the suitcase frame with wheels and retractable handle.

Now, going on the road, few people can do without such a device, like a suitcase or travel bag on wheels.And even if your plans do not include a trip in the near future, get a necessary thing in advance, you save yourself from having to deal with this problem urgently, when the time comes.