Curling irons hair - choose a good device

Once the great Coco Chanel said that "washed hair - it's hair."But hardly agree with this statement, modern women, when confronted with the fact that after washing curls become not quite aesthetic appearance, and therefore have to resort to their installation.One of the instruments that is sure to have every woman, is curling irons hair.With it you can easily make curls, create a daily or festive hairstyle.To the device does not disappoint you in your work, you need to know how to choose the right.

  1. So, first of all pay attention to the working surface of the coating.The most popular material - metal, but it has several drawbacks.Firstly, too great a risk to burn the hair.Secondly, the working surface is uneven warming.That is why it is best to give preference to such materials, such as ceramics, which heats up well, and does not injure the locks.The more expensive, professional curling irons hair can have the coating of ceramic and Teflon or Termolin.
  2. Adjusting temperature is also an important selec
    tion criterion.Thanks to her, you will be able to exhibit a temperature which is most suitable for your hair type and not hurt them.The more modes, the better.
  3. Rowenta 14W Row
    curling irons hair that will become your reliable assistant in the process of laying should be chosen also on the basis of the diameter of the working surface.The small diameter (19 mm) will help to make small curls, medium (25 mm) more than the volume, and large (31 mm) large enough.Choose the thickness of the working surface depending on the length of your hair, as well as the desired result.
  4. should also pay attention to the power of the device.Most of the models is 20-50 watts, which is enough to create a casual hairstyle.Professional curling irons hair may have a slightly higher power rating, therefore, it will heat up faster.
  5. the time of purchase is required to hold the device in his hands.Think about whether you will be comfortable to use this model.Besides, look at the line: it should be a long and always rotate 1800, it was not necessary to unravel during use.Also in this model there should be a leg-stand, which will not allow to heat up the place where you will be putting the device.
Philips 32 mm Tong Ceramic

hair curling irons today presented a wide variety of models that can be divided into simple (designed for home use) and professional.Why then give a preference?If you are just getting started with this product, it makes no sense to strive for a high level of expensive products.And if you decide to change the outdated model, which do not quite satisfied with the quality of their work, we can do exactly the opposite.Do not forget that the hair curling irons, professional or whether conventional models you are considering should be of high quality assembly and be sure to go on a guarantee that in the event that you are able to exchange it or make repairs.That is why to make purchases only in large domestic stores and give preference trusted manufacturers.