Water filters - consumer reviews and classification

preserve and strengthen the health of every individual will allow the regular use of clean water, in which there are no harmful to the body impurities (heavy metals, active chlorine, hardness salts, microorganisms etc.).To cope with this problem by specific devices.Water, reviews which suggest the possibility of high-quality cleaning fluid so necessary to us, now available to everyone.The main task is to choose the right equipment that meets the individual needs of the buyer.

Before you buy water filters should be borne in mind that universal devices are not yet there.Each unit is designed for certain types of pollution.Thus different ways filters and water purification efficiency.

Appliances manufactured to eliminate a part of the liquid undesirable elements, divided into three groups.The first of these are storage water filters reviews which indicate the practicality of their use in the home and in the country, for example, in the country.

They are small pitchers.Above the container is made exqu

isitely cartridge through which gravity takes water, purged of contaminants.Filters in the form of a pitcher in high consumer demand due to its convenience, beauty, and a small price.Accumulating devices can be made in the form of cylinders, rectangles, etc.These filters are located in close proximity to the water supply systems and provided with a supply pipe attached to the crane.

Stationary water filters reviews which characterize the convenience of their use, are connected directly to the tap.This scheme may be temporary installation (used as necessary) or permanent.Stationary purifying devices may operate on the principle of reverse osmosis, or by using classical methods.The first group of filters as efficiently cleans the water, and the second used cartridge system.

Accumulating water filters reviews which talk about their ease of use, clean the fluid as it passes through the natural replacement item.A disadvantage of the devices belonging to the second and third groups is the necessity of a certain pressure in the water system, which in some cases be significant.

Manufactured ZAO "Metta Technology" water filter "Barrier", reviews of which talk about their convenience and efficiency of application relate to a portable device such as a pitcher.Currently manufacturer has launched devices mounted under the sink.The mission of the filter "Barrier" is a post-treatment water received by the water network.These devices are effective at removing chlorine, chlorine-organic and organic compounds, petroleum products, pesticides, as well as oil and other harmful elements.In addition, devices such as "Barrier" help to eliminate the unpleasant taste and odor of water.

Water filters "Aquaphor", reviews of users say about their ability to efficiently and quickly remove harmful elements, purchased for home use.This equipment unit is in direct proportion to the degree of stiffness and fluid contamination to be cleaned.