Salt lamp - a natural air ionizer

Currently, more often in offices and homes of people who care about their health, you can find such a thing as a salt lamp.This unusual product is a lamp made of natural crystal salt.At first glance, some may seem that the salt lamp - a kind of fashion accessory designed to diversify the interior of your home or office space.

However, it is actually much more interesting - by heating from conventional light bulbs, ceiling, made of rock salt begins to ionize and disinfect the air by emitting negative ions.A large number of studies conducted around the world proved the beneficial effects of such devices on the general state of health and human health.

For the production of these unique products tend to use special salt, which is mined deep underground in rock-salt mines in the Himalayas and in the Ukraine.Processed future ceiling by hand using a special technology, which allows you to keep the crystal structure and natural form of salt.Thus, each salt lamp in his own inimitable.

started making this unusual product manufacturers have prompted numerous observations: a few decades ago, it was observed that those who had various diseases of the lungs, while in the salt caves, almost ceased to suffer from colds and lung ailments.This has a positive impact on air and sea coasts.Thus, salt lamps are a kind of substitute for salt caves or sea resort, which is now available to everyone, and therefore can be in every home and office.

salt lamp - a miniature hospital, a natural way to strengthen the immune system and healing the body as a whole.Salt lamp is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases such as bronchial asthma, allergic dermatitis, a variety of seasonal infectious and viral diseases, fatigue, thyroid disease, allergic rhinitis, diabetes and rheumatism.

This is an excellent tool in the fight against bronchitis caused by smoking, irritability and low immunity in adults and children.In addition, these lamps are actively used to harmonize the mind, increase vitality and filling the space with positive energy.

Separately, it should be noted that the use of the salt lamp requires no additional skills and knowledge, as well as exercise and diet - a positive effect is only guaranteed that the appliance is in a room.Moreover, it can be turned on to keep all the time, in contrast, by the way, from artificial ionizers without giving a soft ionization.

Buy lamp having these amazing properties, it is possible in any specialty store or a store that offers a variety of health products.

quality salt lamp - a step toward health and longevity!