Coffee Delonghi - a worthy choice!

Delonghi Italian company began its operations at the beginning of the last century.Over the years, she managed to reach considerable heights, to diversify the range of products and continuously improve its quality.Initially it was engaged in the production of spare parts for gas and wood stoves, then the HVAC equipment, and a little later, and a wide range of household appliances.Special attention is given maker Delonghi, with which we take a closer look.


this coffee lovers know the difference between a drink prepared on the plate, and a special machine.That is why coffee today - it's not a fad, and the right choice.With the help of a couple of minutes you can prepare coffee, which cheer up, cheer up and give strength.Delonghi - coffee, worthy to take a place in your kitchen.Despite strong competition, after all Italian quality makes a closer look at this or that model of production.The range of a huge number of machines for coffee.Here and capsular model and drip, and pomp.Each custo

mer can choose what is most suitable to him.It is known that from the system, which is equipped with a coffee machine, depends taste of the finished beverage.


Delonghi Coffee has its appearance indicates quality.The device looks very stylish, nothing more, but for ease of use.Management simple, to handle even the person far from such appliances.Well, the human involvement in the process of brewing the beverage is minimized.Intelligent machine does most of the work itself, you only need to pour water into a special container and place the coffee.And, of course, do not forget to put the cup.The whole process will take several minutes.

One of the most popular models is the maker Delonghi EC 190. It attracts its price, pleasant appearance and simplicity of the process.It works on the following principle: high-pressure water passes through the hard-packed special coffee grinding, taking from it the maximum amount of nutrients.This so-called open-end principle.The advantage of the model is the fact that the request can use it to brew a cappuccino, a special compartment in the Gulf of milk or cream.

EC 190

Coffee Delonghi presented and many other models.So, it pumps its options make it easy to cook Italian espresso.Nespesso system will be useful for those who love coffee, brewed from the capsule.Drop model the simplest to use, as it does not require special training of the grains.However, the need to change filters.Thus, each buyer will be able to choose for themselves what is for him the most appropriate option.

Delonghi Coffee has become an excellent acquisition for many families.Responses about it not clearly positive, but still most of them indicates the high Italian quality and long service life.The downside for many people turned out to the noise that the machine produces during operation (although this depends on the model).