Toothbrush: electric or ordinary

Brushing teeth - this is the standard hygienic procedure that people do every day.And what a toothbrush - electric or ordinary - it is best to cope with its purpose?

electric toothbrush to normal has two major advantages.Firstly, its use can reduce the time dentifrice from five to two minutes.Secondly, the electric brush effectively removes plaque and take good care of gums.

However, samples of cheap electric toothbrushes have advantages over conventional.As a rule, they make only the translational motion that can not provide proper teeth cleaning from plaque.In addition, inexpensive models are powered by batteries that are fast running out.

Dangerous if an electric toothbrush?

under normal use, the electric toothbrush will bring only benefits.Each tooth should be cleaned separately, without making horizontal movements.You also can not push hard on the brush - the enamel may be damaged or become loose tooth.And yet - replaceable nozzles should be changed regularly, as old stubble scratching tis

sue of teeth and gums.

This device for oral care can use even the children (of course, under the supervision of their parents).Usually on the package electric toothbrush manufacturer specifies the age at which it is targeted.A child over 12 years old may use the "adult" models of toothbrushes, but with a soft bristle brush.

Choosing an electric toothbrush

If you choose this dental accessory should be guided by several criteria.Electric toothbrush should lie well in the hand, its optimum weight is about 100 grams.Do not buy too cheap models, as they effectively clean the teeth.

The toothbrush handle can be built-in timer.It is able to automatically turn off the toothbrush after a specified time.Usually - two or three minutes.After all, if the cleaning of the teeth will last longer than three minutes, it will inevitably lead to damage to the enamel.

Do not buy models of electric brushes whose bristles makes a reciprocating motion.Good brushes have several work surfaces, which allows you to specify a different path for the movement of individual groups of bristles.It is strongly recommended that you purchase the model that has a ripple mode - it removes 7% more plaque.A similar feature has some electric toothbrushes Braun.

There are electric toothbrushes with whitening effect.They have a design feature - a brush between the bristles placed special inserts that allow you to quickly and effectively clean the stains from the tooth enamel.

So, electric tooth brush - a very useful device.It reduces the time brushing your teeth and carry out the procedure more efficient.By cons of electric brushes include only its high cost.

brush What to buy - electric or ordinary - you decide.And best to consult your dentist and he will advise the best option based on the state of your teeth.