Mincer Kenwood: make stuffing in a minute!

Gone are the days when used for the preparation of minced meat grinder hand.Not only that they were uncomfortable, so more and the quality of the product is not always happy.Today, virtually every home you can see the electric grinder.This is a real godsend for housewives.To use it to cook the stuffing, it will need just a few minutes.But what is the model to choose?Which manufacturer to give a preference?The sale of so many different devices, just look at first.

Mincer Kenwood - one of the best.And it's not just words, and confirmed by the review of those who have already managed to use it.The company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of various home appliances, whose quality is not in doubt.

Currently Kenwood produces 13 models of grinders.The housing is made of either metal or plastic.What to choose, every customer will decide himself.The metal surface is certainly more practical, but also a modern plastic it is not inferior, but at a cost much cheaper.The rest of the operating

principle is the same meat grinder.Included are bound to have a basic set of tips for cooking meat, sausages, kebbe, cutting vegetables and fruits.The difference between the models is still in power (it begins with a 1400 W).Depending on the power unit in one minute can process from 1.5 to 3 kg of meat.


Mincer Kenwood definitely become your faithful helper in the kitchen.With it you can prepare the stuffing for burgers and other dishes.For these purposes can be used as a large grille and a fine.As they say, to your taste.Options for different models may differ, but the company offers a considerable number of useful tips, including a special for kebbe and sausage slicer-grater.Of course, the included charging maw (metal or plastic) and a special pusher.

MG 510

It is worth noting that the chopper Kenwood has a reverse function, quite useful and necessary.So if while working on the blades and the film is wound stems from meat, they can be cleaned, without resorting to an analysis device.Manage the device easier than ever, able to cope with it even a novice cook.Of course, after all the same should be familiar with the instructions, drawing attention to the rules of safe use and adhering to the tips that will contribute to the long service of equipment.


Mincer Kenwood: reviews

Consumers speak about these meat grinders are mainly positive, confirming the fact that the devices of this brand really high quality and do not cause problems during their work.Many housewives are a meat grinder for many years and did not regret his purchase.The only negative, which is narrated in a review, this is a high noise level during operation.And if for you it does not matter, it is worth to buy a grinder Kenwood.The device itself is not only good at work, but also easy to clean, and all attachments can be stored in a special compartment of the pusher.