Greasy hair?

main indicator of the attractiveness of human health and at all times were considered hair.That hair many years ago was a symbol of high status and a privileged social position.Judging by the look of curls, our ancestors judged the beauty or ugliness of man.No wonder the most terrible punishment for women was deprived of his natural ornaments - hair cut ruthlessly those who were called witches and powerless peasant does not deserve such wealth.

If a girl has a beautiful, dense, healthy and well-groomed hair, she feels confident in themselves, their abilities and their irresistible to men.However, current conditions of life and our own bad habits more and more to create the conditions in which the strands lose their luster and appeal.Ongoing stressful situations and banal lack of time to care for hair, smoking and the impact of air conditioners, the harmful effects of heating appliances and poor environment "concrete jungle" - this is not a complete list of everything that could lead to such a serious

problem as oily hair, dullweak, suffering from dandruff and split ends.

What is the source of problems

first signs of problems with the scalp is itching and redness.So in the early stages appears oily seborrhea, through which we "gain" greasy hair.Seborrhea called the change in the composition of sebum and excessive formation that occurs due to the accumulation of free fatty acids.In this disease, hair can lose the appeal, start to look untidy curls, stick, covered with unpleasant-looking greasy dandruff.This happens for several reasons - endocrine, stress, genetic or gastrointestinal, and as a result of an imbalance of male and female sex hormones on physiological basis.

Four stages of the treatment of the "fat" diseases

Yet the problems that can hit the locks can be solved - it requires only a literate proper care for oily hair and hair care.Cleansing, nutrition, hydration and protection - four points on which the proper treatment.To cleanse the required quality shampoo that helps to fight the excess sebum and frequent washing of strands of useful plants decoction or infusion of herbs.To supply should choose special balms.To moisten the perfect useful mask for oily hair, for example, based on clay.For the protection and prevention - proper nutrition, with the obligatory presence of fruits and vegetables, as well as the required set of vitamins.To stop further progression of the disease should be primarily abandon smoked and fatty foods, sweets and coffee.

few tips

Sometimes it happens that the function of sebum is perfectly normal, and the hair is still greasy and unattractive.The fact that sometimes the hair is too small or they are abnormally thin, so the standard amount of natural fat them becomes too much.In this case, the cause of the problems may become even sweating, which promotes active blocking locks.To help combat this nuisance are some tips from experienced hairdressers:

- thin oily hair should be washed as often as required (unlike seborrhea when it only hurts);

- need only wash your hair in cool water and dry - in a natural way;

- combing strands need only as needed;

- to thin hair looked fluffy, they can be laid with the help of polish and lock that will keep every hair at a distance and facilitate sweating;

- oily hair are rarely those who wear short hair.