Hair mask at home - quickly, easily and not have to go anywhere

masks - one of the most important means of hair care products.They are well fed and effectively struggle with disabilities.Make a hair mask at home is very simple.To start, you need to determine what goals you want to achieve, and on this basis to pick up the necessary components of the mask.

properly cooked homemade mask for hair growth to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, causing hair follicles become active.

There are some tested recipes to help hair growth:
Mustard mask.
cup of yogurt mixed with two egg yolks and mustard spoon.The mask is applied to the strands.For best results, keep at least an hour.Then rinse with water.Re-use the mask to within a month once a week.
This mask not only promotes hair growth but also intensely nourishes them.
protein mask.
Combine the two with a glass of beer Beck.Spread the mask on the strands from roots.Wrap your hair with cellophane, and cover with a towel.After an hour, you can wash off.

help strengthen hair homemade mask for hair loss.

Manufacture them in several ways:
castor mask.
Mix in equal proportions of alcohol and castor oil.Apply on hair and rinse off after half an hour.Use a mask to once a week for two months.
yoghurt mask.
Natural yoghurt mix with egg yolk.This mask is put on the locks and wash after half an hour.
Onion mask.
The slurry from the bow, add broth oak bark.Mask put on hair.Fifteen minutes later rinse.

Dry tresses need special care.To moisten them, can be prepared following hair masks at home:
mask horseradish.
Mix sour cream with an equal amount of vegetable oil.Add the pulp of horseradish.Mask put on hair, cover with plastic head and a towel on top.After half an hour rinse with shampoo.
Honey mask.
Whisk one protein, and in a separate container, mash yolks with a spoon of honey.First apply the protein, and then the mixture of honey and egg yolk.Keep an hour, then rinse using shampoo.
Olive mask.
to two tablespoons of olive oil, add the lemon juice.Keep hair mask to a half hour.

If zhirneyut hair quickly, prepare hair masks at home normalizes blood pH:
Apricot mask.
Mash the pulp of apricots and add a little sour.The mixture lubricate the hair and wash off after a quarter of an hour.
Yeast mask.
spoon Stir yeast with warm boiled water.Add the beaten egg white.Mask put on hair and keep until dry.Then rinse.
Bread mask.
Rye bread Pour boiling water.After softening it and mash through cheesecloth wipe 2 - 3 times.Mask spread of strands and an hour rinse.
Ginger mask.
Grated ginger stir with sesame oil in a ratio of 1: 2.Apply the mask on your hair and wash off after half an hour.

For normal locks are not subject to excessive dryness or fat, cook nourishing hair mask at home:
Peach mask.
Chop flesh peach and add to it warmed peach butter.Mask rub into the scalp and spread over the entire length of the strands.In an hour you can wash off the agent.
Potato mask.
Rub fresh peeled potatoes on a grater.Pour into mush kefir or yogurt.Mask keep the hour, and then comb the strands and rinse with water.
mask with aloe.
Mix a spoonful of aloe juice and honey.Add one egg yolk.Mask keep the hair for half an hour and then rinse with water.

Pamper your curls home a mask, and they again become beautiful and obedient.Natural ingredients masks not only take care of the appearance of the hair, but also enrich them with all necessary vitamins.