Hair dye - How to keep your hair healthy?

Today the fair sex have a great opportunity to change your appearance as often as you wish.In doing so, they help to modern cosmetics and, of course, a variety of hair colors.However, if such a change safe?


If a girl wants to seriously change your appearance, it is ready to apply the full painting.I would only remind you what kind of damage hair dye is applied to their health.The fact is that the science of cosmetic product contains ammonia, penetrates deeply into the structure and destroys the hair follicles.On hair oxidation reaction takes place, resulting in the strands change their natural pigmentation.And the longer the process of staining (which is necessary for radical change), the more damage is done.The scales of the hair after such aggression "stand on end" and die, resulting in total or partial loss of the natural color.

Problems can arise already a few days after the first staining, appearing most unpleasant way.The hair becomes dry, brittle and fragile, confused, bad

comb and require frequent cleaning.Repeat the procedure - as it is needed, as the roots start to grow quickly - can only aggravate the disease and lead to serious consequences.

However, not all the colors are equally harmful.Some colors hair dyes cause more problems, some less.Giving the same blond curls light shades can go virtually painless, while a complete change of color (from blonde to brunette or vice versa) can cause a truly irreparable harm.

Avoiding trouble

I want to locks for a long time after staining stay healthy and attractive appearance?There are two ways - to apply paint every week, or use some of the tools that can improve the hair and restore their beauty.Of course, the second option is preferable, since harmful chemical dye staining can be reusable.Once purchased coveted hair color, they need to be cleaned regularly, shampoo and conditioner a special type of neutralizing the action of ammonia and reducing their structure.

good remedy may make a mask for hair subjected to coloring, moisturizing and nourishing the scalp and strands themselves.These agents act on the scales of hair, smooth them, help to quickly absorb pigments and trigger growth.

After staining procedure in any case can not use the hot air dryer.If you want to dry your hair quickly - is to use the warm air, and even better - cool.And ideally - let dry naturally.

To strengthen the hair, the process of repainting the past, can be useful some home remedies.The diet should be required to include eggs - a source of needed health curls minerals, nutrients and vitamins, but also make this product nourishing masks, stimulating hair growth.

change without harm?

But still some shades of hair dye can not give - so say some women.To shade was nice and natural, it is worth trying to carry out painting by natural means, such as henna, or sparing drugs, which do not contain ammonia.These methods will not give such a long effect as chemical hair dye, but it will help to get bright individuality without harm to the health of the most important ornaments of the fair any female.