Useful tips - how to get rid of dandruff forever.

In life, there are many circumstances that can spoil our mood and induce complexes.Dandruff is just one of them.For some it's a nightmare, but for someone just a pinprick.In any case, all will be useful to find out how to get rid of dandruff forever.For many years, scientists and dermatologists argue and can not decide where she comes from.There is a version that it appears due to the harmful activity of the fungus, which has lived on the scalp.Basically, it is invisible to audio media or for people around him.But under the influence of some of the adverse factors he is starting to show.Actuating lever can be stress, environment, fatigue, dehydration, intake of hormones, vitamin deficiency, or not entirely correct choice of hair care products.Also, you must remember that if your barber will not treat their instruments after clipping a man with dandruff, it is possible that this fungus infect you.

Before you learn how to get rid of dandruff forever, you need to understand what it is.So, if you observed

after shampooing itching, dandruff and flakes easily crumble, then it is dry.The sebaceous glands secrete particularly low in fat and dead cells accumulate on the surface, and then peel.The hair at the same time become dull, dry and flogged.The second option - it is when after washing the hair shiny and scales are not as noticeable due to the fact that just stick to the head.In this case, we are talking about oily dandruff.If the process does not slow down in time, it's over hair loss.Sometimes the appearance of this problem may be indicative of any skin diseases.It is best to consult a dermatologist, who will tell you how to treat dandruff, what are the diseases of the skin and how to deal with them, for example, how to get rid of seborrhea.

There are many tips and ways to solve this problem.So how to get rid of dandruff forever?Firstly, you can wash your hair with regular shampoo every day.But it does not always have the time, and a positive outcome is possible to achieve only a little.There are also special shampoos with Selena sulfide, zinc, salicylic acid or ketoconazole.But any shampoo your head gets used to it and ceases to respond.Therefore, experts advise to change it every week.

problem previous method that shampoos treat only the symptoms and the very reason they can not be eliminated.For this purpose, drugstores various drugs that act exactly on fungus, rather than a consequence of its activity - skin flakes.This method is more expensive, but you can expect that you will finally answer the question "How to get rid of dandruff forever?".

And, of course, our people to all sorts of fudge is ready.There is a whole area of ​​its activity, which is called traditional medicine.It also offers options for dealing with the problem of dandruff.You can use vinegar.To do this yourselfers recommend to mix two teaspoons of vinegar and six teaspoons of water.The resulting liquid is rubbed into the scalp, and wrapped a towel, go to bed.In the morning you need to repeat the procedure, and then wash your hair.

When oily dandruff helps calendula tincture you want to massage the skin and leave for thirty minutes.Then rinse with warm water.

Traditional recipes advise to use yogurt.It must be thick to the hair and leave for thirty minutes, and then rinse with water and dry mustard.

But learn how to get rid of dandruff forever is not enough, you also need to regularly to treat hair and follow the advice of knowledgeable people.Only then your hair will become healthy and neat appearance.