Like most hair done

One of the greatest gifts of nature, which many girls can rightly be proud of - it is, of course, hair.Without a doubt, the hair can be very different - smooth or curly, long or short, dark or light, but they are united by one thing: to make hair look healthy, shiny and beautiful, it is a gift of nature while remaining behind them need good care.

However, maintaining the hair, even in a perfectly tidy condition does not mean that she will certainly attract the attention of passers-by.To create the image, revealing all the positive qualities of hair, emphasizing the advantages of face and hide some of the possible disadvantages of the hair must be placed in a nice creative hair.

This hair has a critical role in creating the image of the girl and the definition of its image.

How to choose a hairstyle?

Selection of hairstyles - it is very difficult and responsible.It is necessary to choose for themselves the wrong hairstyle, which she saw in the trendy glossy magazine, or simply because "so all are.

"Hair must fully comply with the type of person, combined with the fact, what hair she has, in addition, must take into account many other factors.Hairstyle or haircut for a person having a rectangular shape, does not fit the round face, his hairstyles exist for oval and triangular face.Curly hair will require different hairstyles than smooth, and the attempt to make the hair long hair, designed for short hair, was doomed to failure.How to choose a hairstyle - just need to take into account all the factors, and it is highly desirable to consult with your stylist, which among other things can tell you how to do her hair herself.

It can tell the stylist with skill, how to do it yourself hairstyles.This is actually a very important question, because if you do something wrong, it can cause great harm to the hair.

So still how to do her hair herself, without causing damage to the hair?It is unfortunately often happens is that the clumsy attempts of the girl, not knowing how to do hair right, for example, to get rid of curls result that instead of lovely curls naughty head begins to "decorate" dull lifeless "straw┬╗ ...

Woman,who does not know how to do her hair herself, we can recommend a few very simple hairstyle that can easily be done at home.For their "creation" only need a mirror, comb, hair dryers, hair curlers and styling.The biggest advantage of these hairstyles is that with a minimum of effort and time they are obtained fresh and original.

few sloppy, but easy and a little 'hooligan' haircut is obtained if the wet hair combed hair dryer to dry, then tousle them and put on the tips of mousse.Also, using a hair dryer can make another simple but original hairstyle.To this end, top of the head to put his hand, holding the hair roots so well on his head to blow air from a hair dryer.

If wet hair twist in a knot and dry with a hair dryer, hair brush up on the light wave.You can do several of these nodules - then hair will get a good amount.If the braid wet hair in pigtails and dry the hair dryer, you get a very romantic hairstyle with vonami-lambs.

You can also experiment with braids, tails, as well as with a variety of hair accessories.

Ugly hair in nature does not happen.So you just need to find the flavor and the right to use it.Smooth straight long hair can be used to create, for example, the luxury image of the young princess from Scandinavia - it can get so chic that will attract the attention of young people who will turn around and judge beauty admiring glances.

But this is much better than constantly "be screwed" or do perm.By the way if you at least once subjected to hair coloring or chemical perms, they are already considered damaged.If you do it often, with the main decoration you can just say goodbye ...

But forcibly straighten curls, too funny not necessary - the venture is still nothing good happens.It is better to tinker with them a little longer in the morning, but you can create a good image of a naughty girl, funny and affectionate, and always surrounded by friends and admirers.

How to make hair itself - it is not particularly difficult.That's just certainly need to pay close attention to their hair and listen to their well-being and their voice.And the options for hairstyles that you can do yourself, so that you can choose any girl.