Lightening hair at home

If you want to change the way we, the women usually start with the hair cutting and coloring.And yet many of us are so eager to become a blonde, and this is necessary to lighten hair.This procedure is easily able to make any barber, but lightening hair at home today as something more popular.First, it saves time, and secondly, the money, because no one will want a hairdresser provide its services free of charge.

In fact, home hair lightening is not some complicated procedure, but the right to do it still should be able to.There are several reasons why the lightening of hair is contraindicated.It sores on the skin, and the presence of any disease of the skin of the head.

So, what you need to prepare in order to carry out lightening hair at home.First, you need to buy a special paint, t. E clarifier.In most cases, its role is played by hydrogen peroxide, and it is most often used for clarification.Do not buy the cheapest clarifier: it usually causes heavy damage hair after lightening appears ugly yel

low.It is best to seek help from someone who can help to make a choice in favor of quality clarifier.

clarifier addition, unnecessary need a towel, a comb with a few teeth, gloves, instruction clock.Be sure to read the instruction is staining and fulfill all that is written in it.In particular this applies to test an allergic reaction.For this 48 hours prior to staining the inside of the forearm is necessary to apply a small amount of brightener.If any undesirable reactions are not observed, for example, the skin did not blush and is not to be scratched start means, the means can be safely used for clarification.

rests on the shoulders of an old towel to avoid staining.Most brightener is uniformly applied to the hair.This can be done by hand, which is already put on the gloves or use a brush.Then the hair with a mixture must be thoroughly combed and then put them on the rest of the clarifier.The composition is left for a certain time.For example, if the hair is thin, the bleach them enough and 10 minutes, but if thick and tough, the time will have to be extended to 30-40 minutes.The dwell time of the clarifier still depends on what kind of tone I want to get clarification.After that, the entire composition is necessary to wash off using shampoo and apply a nourishing balm.

lighten hair at home will have to be repeated in about a month.However, to do the same with the necessary regrown roots: lightening mixture should be applied only by their length.Repeat the lightening of hair have home and if not satisfied with the hair color.But it is not desirable to do after the first clarification: it is necessary to wait at least two weeks, until the hair gain strength and be ready for the new changes.

It is worth noting that the clarification of hair at home (as any other) - it is a lot of stress to the hair.The biggest disadvantage of bleaching, especially with hydrogen peroxide, is a violation of the structure of the hair.They lose their luster, begin to break down, become sickly and in general can fall out.To help deal with the transfer of hair changes, you need to provide them with proper care.There is already using the same shampoo can not do.If your hair is discolored, then the shampoo should definitely use a nourishing balm.Also, every week to do a hydrating mask that will contribute to the strengthening of the hair, they also give them an extra shine.