Straightening hair at home: you need to know

Paradoxically, the fact that those women whose hair is straight, trying to make them curly, and those who have them curly and unruly, doing everything possible to make them straight.It turns out that the same demand as the perming and straightening hair at home.

with straight hair is much simpler and easier to wash and style your.To straighten them for the long term, you can go to the barber shop, where do the procedure in the likeness of a perm.Acting specialty chemicals, the hair of even the most rebellious will be made straight.Today at the store you can buy special kits and make their own hair straightening at home.Yet stylists in one voice saying that to do chemical hair straightening at home is extremely undesirable.Improperly made the procedure will worsen hair, after all, are far from being the most harmless chemicals.It is worth noting that even professional straightening - it's a great stress to the hair.Always after the procedure is necessary to do a thorough treatment and remediation.

straighten hair at home can be much easier, however, and have to do it more often.To do this, you need to buy in the store utyuzhek for rectification.This option is cheaper, and also damage the hair does not utyuzhek this scale.Less of the money will have to pay for utyuzhek with metal plates.But if you want to cause less damage to the hair, it is best to buy utyuzhek with ceramic plates: they are more sparing straightens the hair, in addition, it can be used more often.Also such utyuzhek has an improved function of regulating the temperature, which helps prevent thermal damage to the hair.

To properly hold hair straightening at home, it is necessary to use a thermoactive lotion or spray that will save the hair from overheating and damage.

So, how correctly to straighten hair utjuzhkom?

• First, you need to wash your hair with shampoo.Apply them a special tool for hair styling (with the effect of brightening and smoothing hair).Thereafter thermoactive applied lotion or spray.

• Hair dried hair dryer, but not completely: they have to stay a little moist.

• Now it is a matter utyuzhek: the hair on the top of a hairpin fixed, and straightening starts at the bottom.To do this, take one thin strand and hold on it utjuzhkom to full extension.Locks should not be much thicker, otherwise the heat will not be able to pass through it and have an effect.Straightening done with all the hair.

• The final touch: add volume.To do this, lift the strands and sprinkle them spray volume or varnish.

hair straightening at home requires certain precautions:

- prohibited ironing wet hair, as they can greatly suffer.Wet hair can be straightened only in the case if you use a special styler for simultaneous drying and straightening.

- heating temperature ironing plate should not be higher than 1200, even if it is provided for installation and higher temperature.

- can not utyuzhek long delay on the same section of hair, it must be constantly in motion.

- undesirable hair straightening every day.The best option - 2-3 times a week.

- If during use of ironing hair was accidentally burned, straightening should be stopped immediately.After that, the damaged ends of shear and do the hair needs intensive care.At this time, it is advisable to use nourishing masks and shampoos.