Choosing a stroller for the baby.

If you are expecting a baby and are ready to become the happiest mother in the world, then you need to prepare in advance to his birth.Among other necessary things you need to look comfortable and practical stroller.

Choose, of course, is not easy, given the huge variety of children's products in the market, but to understand that suits you need.Do it slowly and thoughtfully, because such a thing is not acquired by one day.For example, if deliveries occur in the winter months, when the carriage is needed is special, because it is, in fact, the long cold months should serve as your assistant for a walk.

On how the newborn will be comfortable in our chosen wheelchair depends, above all, his health and, of course, the mood.Your choice can be made in favor of the Inglesina Sofia.Wheelchair, this is a real versatile motorhome.

It has passive ventilation in order to maintain favorable conditions in a wheelchair.It is very important that it is warm in winter, because it has warmed cradle and very soft, p

leasant to the touch cloak that Momma used as a cozy children's sleeping bag.

Wheelchair Inglezina Sofia stands out from other models in that its interior is made of natural fabrics.Additional its advantage is that it is easily removed and washed again to delight your baby clean and fresh.However, do not forget that it can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees so that it does not lose juicy shades.With proper care, you can not worry about the hygiene inside the cozy children's camper.For appearance and do not worry.In all weather conditions it will remain attractive as long as your baby grows up.

Moms who have used this stroller, note that there is a very spacious cradle, which is convenient to swing in different directions, if the child can not fall asleep.

Wheelchair Inglezina Sofia is mainly used for children from birth up to the age of 6 months (cradle).If the child is not big, it will last longer.Dimensions of the basket (78h35h24 cm), big enough so the baby in a stroller is roomy, especially in the winter, given the large amount of clothing.The very easily controllable basket, backrest position can be changed on demand.There is also a special attachment to it has become a car-cradle, because it can be easily attached to the car.Using wheelchair Inglezina Sofia, you can safely carry a child on long distances.

Another feature of this model is that the basket has a system Easy Clip, which means that you can always install it on the chassis as you need.The person will be drawn to the baby's parents or vice versa.

Young mothers say that the carriage is different high durability and maneuverability, and always looks like new.When a decent time operation Inglesina Sofia - stroller, which can be successfully grow several children.

difference between these models and unusual colors, looks particularly original fuchsia.It is certainly preferable for little girls, but if in the future we plan to have more children, you can choose a more soothing colors, such as shades of beige.

Wheelchair Inglezina Sofia has a total weight of about 12 kg, and some mothers say that it is quite difficult, but considering that during its operation - the winter and it has all sorts of convenient devices, this weight is considered average.For comparison - from strollers ABC Design 4-Tec weighs 14 kg, and many other strollers and even more.

course, its weight in the winter have added weight, but when you appreciate the cross-carriage and its operating data, it will seem very easy.

compared with strollers Ike Peak 4 Inglezina Sofia is much higher, despite the fact that the stroller Ike Peak 4 is positioned as a coupe.Nevertheless, our stroller is also easy to move in the city and in the park area.

When operating in the country, for example, in the forest, the magnificent cross-Inglesina Sofia, on hummocks child does not bounce, it will certainly work out a price that's just sometimes squeaking wheel.

draw another comparison: Stroller ABC Design 3-Tec is not very convenient system of dual wheels in front and two rear-spaced, it is sensitive to potholes and pits our roads.

return to our model.Why is it so nice to go out with this stroller?The promenade block has a special window in the hood, but if it is not needed, it can simply be removed.The bundled insulated bag for cold weather and a modern spacious and very stylish handbag.All organically and deliberately in a wheelchair, intended for our kids happy.