How to weaning from breastfeeding painless for mother and child

The benefits of breastfeeding at the moment says quite a lot.However, there comes a time when the baby grows, gradually passing to adult food, but continues to require the mother breast.Then many women start to worry if they are not too delayed the process.When you need to start weaning from breastfeeding, and how to do it?

Almost all pediatricians and specialists of the field argue that breastfeeding should be at least up to a year.According to the WHO, it is desirable to extend the time to two years.But do not look at the calendar and focus on someone else's advice.Every kid is different, for some weaning from breastfeeding is easy, at the age of one and a half years, others will be able to safely move it only in 3-4 years.One of the main boards of advisers in the HS and child psychologists - not to hurry with this process.

There is a myth that after a year of women not only milk does not contain any nutrients, but harmful to the child.Without a doubt, this version is absolutely absurd.From the f

act that the child will celebrate its first birthday, the quality of milk produced by a woman's body can not be reduced.To determine how a child is ready to excommunication, can be on several grounds.

When the mother starts weaning from breastfeeding, and her son or daughter is restless, capricious, looking breasts foreign or other relatives, sucking fingers and other objects, all of this suggests that while be postponed.Most children ot1,5 to 2.5 so themselves and lead.There are kids who refuse the breast up to a year.However it happened, in most cases, because of improper introduction of complementary foods, poorly organized breastfeeding, bottles and pacifiers administration (which subsequently weaned from the much more difficult).

Early weaning from breastfeeding, often coincides with the involution of lactation in the mother, that is the end of the natural process of milk production.Bandaging the breasts, as do since Soviet times, is absolutely contraindicated, as threatens the emergence of mastitis.It is not recommended and the use of drugs to suppress lactation (unless there are specific indications).Basic advice given by specialists for that period, reducing the fluid consumption to a minimum and, if necessary, cold packs.

not advised to start weaning a child from breast-feeding in the hot season, when preventive vaccination, during the illness, admission to kindergarten or other situations that cause stress.

also way when a woman goes for a while, "until the baby gets used" it is not effective.In most cases, the child after a year in need of breast does not like food or drink, and means of reassurance, comfort, psychological intimacy with the mother.If you deprive him of that, and next is not the loved one, the stress, and so he gets amplified.

properly organized process of how to wean a child from breastfeeding can take no more than 10 days.It is important that both sides were prepared.In most cases, the period of a year and a half left before feeding day and night sleep.If a woman has decided that the time has come (in this case it is the question should not be, because the excitement and uncertainty passed and the baby), is beginning to move away from the daily breastfeeding.It is necessary to carefully observe the reaction of the baby.If he earnestly seeking breast, try to distract him, to develop a ritual of divergence to bed.

Then cleaned nightly feeding.At this time should be especially attentive to the child, show him that his mother continued to love him and to give him time, and their relationship is simply moving to a new level.