Hair dye Palette - a brand known all over the world

At the end of the XIX century in the German city of Berlin, Hans Schwarzkopf, who at that time was known as a famous chemist who practiced release perfumes, opened a small pharmacy.His company never empty, because the glory of his perfumes scattered quickly by word of mouth.And then no one guessed that the next century will be a triumph for the company.Today, there are no women who would not know about the superb quality of the goods from the company Schwarzkopf.Cosmetic line of its products is wide and varied.It is considered to be the most popular product line of hair care products, which consists of shampoos, gels, mousses, varnishes and, of course, means for coloring.

One of the famous brands of cosmetics manufacturer is a hair color palette, the quality of which is tested by time.The first batch of the cosmetic line was released in the 60 years of the twentieth century, and since then it is used by women in 45 countries.In Russia, the hair color palette became known in 1997 and quickly gained pop

ularity among the fashionistas.

reason for this popularity is that the paint Ralette, shades which are varied and intense and the main rack solves the problem of painting gray hair, without harming their health.On the contrary, the use of innovative tools for staining formula nourishes the hair from within and retains their luster and texture.The elasticity of the hair makes it pleasant to use paint and a few weeks hairstyle turns lush and obedient.

Hair dye palette requires a minimum of time for painting.Various series of agents act during 10 to 30 minutes, and the result is expected only group.Modern Paint Palette, shades of which have developed a wide range of colors make it possible to dye hair in light brown, dark brown, chocolate, golden brown, caramel, and all the colors of light brown color.Resistance palette of paint gives a special formula with the addition of different extracts from plants and oils, mitigating the impact of paint on the condition of the hair.

now becoming more popular paint palette fitoliniya containing such ingredients in its composition, which are aimed at the most gentle hair coloring.They are made without the addition of ammonia present as a mandatory component in the composition of such products to other competing companies.Another feature that distinguishes the paint palette fitoliniya - is aloe extract, known for its ability to retain moisture in the hair of the rules.Therefore, this series is recommended for women whose hair is prone to excessive dryness and hair loss.

Series Palette Fitoliniya awarded the quality mark awarded by the best goods aimed at preserving human health.This brand exclude manifestation of allergic reactions, which are the bane of most of these products.This hair dye is optimal in the ratio of quality and price.Availability, ease of use and durability of the obtained hues - the main advantages of this brand German manufacturers of consumer goods.

Hair dye palette does not delay the hair growth and contributes to its acceleration.The researchers found that women who regularly resorted to coloring the hair of the series, the hair grows in 1 month 1 cm. In this case, re-staining is required no earlier than six weeks.This process promote special catalysts, which are included in the innovative formula Palette.

If you want to have a spectacular appearance without high economic costs for the benefit of saving time, and most importantly, health products, use of the German company Schwarzkopf.