Indispensable in the kitchen thing - Steamer Tefal

If your main priority is a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, if you need a double boiler Tefal.On the table will appear only dishes containing products "live" nutrients and vitamins.Cooked vegetables in a double boiler is much better than canned or baked in the oven.Only your food in it will always be healthy and vibrant.

Steamer Tefal is ideal for every family.Gourmands can cook delicious juicy meat with a delicate crust, vegetarians enjoy a delicious stew with vegetables, a young mother will always give your baby warmed puree or porridge.If you choose a tiered steamer, then it is convenient to cook several dishes at the same time have the ability to completely control the process of cooking.

Selecting devices for a couple of Tefal is really great, you can select the electrical, non-electrical (for a gas or electric stove), single-level or multi-level, a double boiler, or with built-in blender, with silicone or plastic baskets, as well as additional tanks of various sizes.The principle of oper

ation is very simple: the bottom is a water tank above it arranged a tray with special holes, through which the steam rises, passes through all of the products.Usually lower compartment put the meat, followed by a side dish, and then the vegetables, and so on. E., As highlighted below hottest couples, and therefore the temperature there is much higher.

attached to each set of detailed operating instructions and some of the most popular recipes.In a double boiler, you can cook almost all meals, from traditional Russian and ending with exotic Chinese.Any vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, corn and beans - the power of this wonderful unit.For example, instead of baked apples and pears in the oven, you can safely use a double boiler.

Tefal-steamer has several important advantages:

- it has so successfully configured so that it is easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher;

- consumes little power;

- does not create in the kitchen such intense heat as the oven or electric;

- unassembled takes up little space, t. To. The bowls are placed into each other.

Easy Steamer Tefal has limitless possibilities.It can be prepared in the automatic mode and set with the simple manipulation of the program to your liking.Products for dishes you can chop sliced ​​or cut into chunks.It is easy and simple to do chops and even "bake" a couple of fish.

good hostess in the kitchen necessarily deliver another important tool - a steamer, blender Tefal.According to the standard, in the set has a bowl with a lid for grinding, removable foot blender beaker, grater and some additional termoemkostey.They can be performed in a single device several steps: grinding, heating, defrosting and cooking for a couple.A complete set of kitchen utensils in the arsenal will make yogurt, and a built-in steamer Tefal blender, and for a very reasonable price.