Threads are designed to knit iris

Iris - a thread for knitting, which are made of 100 percent cotton.Short-term treatment of yarn a strong solution of sodium followed by washing with water gives them strength, brightness and gloss as well as resistance to sunlight.Threads iris ideal for crocheting, knitting and machine knitting.Because of this yarn to perform well products such as knitwear, openwork, napkins, curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, and many others.Weigh the thread about 25 grams of a ball.On the label the presence of guests.

Knitting threads iris

knitting today is very popular.It is firmly established in our lives, not only in the form of sweaters, but also original, unusual, chic models that can be created using different threads.It is therefore important to choose the right yarn, which allows you to perform even the most difficult, painstaking work without much difficulty.For any manual work is a pleasure when there are unique, eye-pleasing things, and for this you need to use high-quality material.Threads iris - o

ne of such materials.There is a rule: the thinner the yarn, the appearance of the product is natural.Therefore, the iris is very common: a finer yarn will be difficult to find, and it will be much more expensive.Iris - very obedient thread and knit them very comfortable.

Threads iris - one that can be connected?

These threads are very suitable for the realization of ideas on creating children's clothing.Large selection of bright, rich, colorful flowers, which just dazzled even more inspiring and uplifting.Organic cotton is very pleasant to the touch.You can also try to tie these threads, for example, beads: get a very original and quite fun.You can think of the beads under any summer outfit, the more that they tally very quickly.Threads of the iris have been used for quite a few years.They can be called durable thread: wipes can be stored for more than 60 years, and if their starch, then order more.Clothing associated thread iris, giving small shrinkage after the first few washes.And then the product can be safely washed in the washing machine, they do not sit down and stretch.Also thread iris are perfect for creating toys.It is very convenient that they are sold in balls of 25 grams, but if the plans - make something big, very big, you can buy coils and 300 grams.But there are those threads of a downside.Because of its subtlety, they can be torn in places ties knots.Therefore, when working with iris need to be patient.Threads of the iris can be bought in shops of goods for needlework.Color range is usually available in the catalogs.They can be produced in different countries.Threads iris probably always be known and in demand, especially for knitting clothes for the summer or for new toys to please their kids.If you stop them choice, of course, buy them and enjoy the results.After thread Iris - really high-quality, smooth, bright and durable.