Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers - effective means of extinguishing

The fire is the most terrible scourge.If floods, earthquakes there is still hope that something can be saved, the fires often have nothing to save.Unfortunately, the frequent fires and casualties.Therefore, in recent years, much attention is paid to fire safety, mainly in regard to the places where accumulates a large number of people, especially children.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers - it is one of the most reliable tools that can prevent a fire.Now they are equipped with the building of various institutions, they should be in cars, buses and minibuses.

carbon dioxide fire extinguisher consists of a cylinder filled with carbon dioxide (CO) in the liquid state, injected under high pressure.The kit also includes a tube for directing the jet holder and with which a fire extinguisher is fixed to the wall.Most often, organizations use carbon dioxide extinguisher OU-5.It has the following characteristics: weight seasoned liquid is 5 kg;volume - 6-7 liters;the jet from the cylinder has at a distance

of three meters in 10 seconds;the total weight of the container with dressing 14.5 kg.Those extinguishers are used in our country, can operate at strong frosts.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers used to extinguish equipment and under voltage, even the high-voltage.They can be used for ignition of combustible materials.It is important to remember that electricity and flammable substances (petrol, diesel, oil) should never be filled with water.Water conducts instantly and entering with flammable substances in the reaction, increase the area of ​​the fire.A foam that is formed from carbon dioxide, simply terminates the access of oxygen to the fire, and it goes out.But the use of a fire extinguisher while effective when the fire is small and it can quickly destroy.If the fire has spread over a large area, before starting his stew, call the fire department, and then make the decision to fight the fire or to save themselves and others.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers - it is, in fact, with the filling of cylinders, you need to treat them fairly carefully.Do not disassemble, pounding on them with sharp objects.Like other containers with gas, they can not keep close to heaters, it should not overheat.It may be an explosion.Components inside fire extinguishers, toxic to humans, it is time.Foam eats into any surfaces, wash it very hard, that's two.

extinguishers must be are sealed, they are glued to the label, which lists the basic parameters: weight, volume, date of filling and, most importantly, the shelf life.Basically he is 5 years.At the end of the shelf life of fire extinguishers should be checked and refilled.

If ever you have to apply a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, you should know how to do it: it is necessary to disrupt the seal, to direct a hose on the fire and press the lever.If you use must take into account the fact that the jet shoots under pressure, and gives out a fire extinguisher.It can cause panic among the unprepared person and affect the fire fighting.