A sewing machine "Singer".

sewing machine "Singer" - one of the most durable and reliable modern sewing tools.It is easy to run all the necessary operations and deliver critical seams even thick skin, which is especially appreciated in the sewing business.

In the invention, this device is the important role played by the American Isaac Singer.Sewing machine, which he once accidentally saw seemed to him far from perfect and poorly adapted to work.During the first 11 days of hard work, it has been improved Singer to such a state that it could carry out the necessary quality sewing work.Up to this point seamstress basically all sewn by hand with a needle and thread.

Singer has registered his invention in the United States and formed a company for the production of sewing machine "Singer", and since then they have spread throughout the world.Sewing machines "Singer" were produced in Germany in the company, a subsidiary branch of the American company.The photo shows one of these machines.

Over one hundred and fifty years of it

s existence, this invention Singer perfected many times.Modern sewing machine "Singer" has a huge number of varieties.It can be mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, computer.Quite popular electromechanical machines.They are convenient in use, are sufficient for the number of functions and affordable.

sewing machine "Singer" have more than 400 different operations, and the same kinds of lines.She knows how to embroider, knit, used to sew edge stitching and perform many other operations.

Clippers different number of functions, a view of the shuttle, the variety of lines, the presence of the automatic thread tension or filling, adjustable stitch length, stitch and stitch width, sewing speed, the presence function twin needle sleeve and platforms, and others. Operations.

sewing machine "Singer" has different types of shuttle movement: vertical or horizontal, swinging or rotary type (negotiable).

Depending by hands or feet can cause the operating mechanism to move the sewing machine "Singer" is a manual or foot.Foot greatly facilitates the work of seamstresses, freeing her hands to maintain the fabric.

Internet shops are full of advertisements for the sale of the sewing equipment.Many people wonder how much it costs a sewing machine "Singer".The price depends on the device characteristics, primarily on the number of functions performed.Inexpensive electromechanical machine can be bought for less than $ 100It is able to perform more than 20 operations.Electronic or computer machine can perform more than 400 different operations and are 3-4 times more expensive.

old model of "Singer" is now superseded by a new, more perfect.Relic, they are not yet, becausetoo bulky, but their time has come.At one time - after the collapse of the Soviet Union - they were very popular.Some believed that one of the internal parts of the first models of "Singer" is made of platinum.True or not - hardly anyone figured out.On the Internet there are ads such models of 1000-2000 rubles.

company "Singer", specializing in producing and selling sewing equipment, has a worldwide reputation.Its products are easy to use, reliable in use and affordable.