Tray for cats.

So, in your house settled the cat - fluffy bewhiskered miracle.And you greatly increased efforts.But this living being will give so much joy that all the worries go by the wayside.However, in order to make the life of an animal in your home as possible and comfortable, you will need some accessories.These include: the tray for cats, bowls for food and water, scratching posts and a place to sleep and rest.Of course, the kitten will need toys, and adults do not disdain their pussies with pleasure indulge.How to choose the object needed to accustom your pet to the toilet?First you must understand what they do there.

Standard and popular option - a conventional open plastic container.It placed a variety of fillings, and some owners even hold a tray is empty.Its just washed after each use of animals.In any case, with or without a filler such tray for cats has the following advantages: low cost, simple structure, easy purchase in any pet store.

Of course, the downside of it is that the animal throws fill

er, as even the highest walls still close enough hand.If the filler is not used, this minus, of course not, but then there is another problem - the smell.Destroy it nearly impossible.When spreading the filler many cat owners are using an accessory with high sides and curved inward or closed tray-house.Last great for shy animals.

Closed tray for cats can also have an additional function to facilitate cleaning cat feces.These trays can probably be called a semi-automatic.Completely they all work for you are not satisfied, but not allow them to delve into the depths of sovochkom searching unappetizing lumps.Cleaning of waste in the tray of the type carried out by inverting it, so that waste is collected in a special container inside.From there, they are easy to remove and discard.Please note that the filler in them should be free of lumps, it is a necessary condition for their work.They are a little more expensive than usual, but comfortable for a cat, save time, and certainly much more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.

Such trays for cats, as the toilets are very modern and comfortable accessories.They are designed for those owners who permanently leave home, or simply have no desire to delve into the tray.Outwardly, they look like the previous version, but can boast of additional devices and functions such as neutralizing the smell of charcoal filters and wipes.Automatic toilet for cats, depending on the complexity of the model, except for the mechanical cleaning of excrement, also offers samopromyvanie water treatment and disinfectants.These devices need to be connected to the water supply and electricity network and are quite expensive.But in this case help the owner to clean the cat's waste is not needed at all.

Select Tray for cats is not so difficult.We need to focus on your lifestyle, the desire, the budget, the characteristics of the apartment and the degree of involvement in the process of cleaning.Of course, do not forget about the peculiarities of your pet: the breed, size, character and toilet habits.