Dryer for vegetables, fruits and many other useful products

Today dryer for vegetables is an essential thing in our kitchen.Among the many techniques for canning offered in stores, this device for the consumer has been a godsend.You can use it to make preparations for the winter, keeping the products in all the useful elements and vitamins.

Dry vegetables can, of course, naturally, but it will take a lot of time and place.Much better to use an electric version of the dryer.It can be dried at one time a decent amount of vegetables at the same time it does not take up much space, and the time you will need much less.

Dryer for vegetables and fruits are also great for other foods: mushrooms, meat, fish.Having tried once in the dryer, you will not be disappointed and you will enjoy it all the time, in fact much better to use the products, dried on their own instead of buying at the store dried vegetables and fruits of dubious quality.

How to choose a dryer for vegetables?The question you have, of course, be interested in if you wish to purchase this type of ho

me appliances for personal use.The first thing you need to look for when buying:

  • manufacturer must prove itself in the field of manufacture of household appliances, as well as have a positive feedback from consumers.
  • quality of raw materials used for the manufacture of this equipment shall meet all standards.There are two kinds of materials, from which the dryer:
  1. Metal (heavy device weighing more than 10 kg).
  2. Plastic (light weight, making it easy to operate).
  • Specifications and equipment must fully meet your requirements:
  1. large number of pallets to be able to dry a lot of products at one time, and the ability to purchase additional trays.
  2. quality pallets.They are transparent and opaque.The most effective use of transparent appearance.
  3. heating temperature should be regulated.
  4. Availability fan, if you think you need it.It is not available on all models.
  5. Presence timer.
  6. The complete drying must be thermo happen if the unit to overheat.
  • Price: good clothes mushrooms and vegetables can not be cheap.

Today's market is saturated with this type of technology, but the greatest demand among buyers enjoy an infrared dryer for vegetables.It is the most expensive but also the most effective.Vegetables, processed infrared devices can be soaked in water for 15-20 minutes and they will be no different from the fresh.

This dryer for vegetables works at the hot air.After each rotation of the air, the moisture collected, replaced.There are two ways a drying:

  1. vertical when it is necessary to rearrange trays with vegetables, as the supply of hot air is uneven.
  2. horizontal when the hot air is supplied uniformly in all the trays.The advantage of this feed is that there is no mixing of smells.

With proper use and care of the dryer for vegetables will serve you for years to come.