Jane Slalom Pro: the best choice for your baby

for children from 6 months manufacturers have created a lot of different options for access.Choosing a stroller with inflatable wheels with the original design, shock absorbers on the wheels and a comfortable seat for the baby, which can be transformed, many pay attention to Jane Slalom Pro.It is a custom version of the "walk": it has large inflatable wheels, and weighs up to 10 kg, but this stroller is easy to manage, and curbs and small steps for it is not a barrier.

Jane Slalom Pro Reverse is ideal for those who care about the comfort and safety of your baby.Thanks to the special reflective elements on the basket under the seat, it's not scary to roll even in the dark.That is why this model is popular in many countries.

The main advantages of Jane Slalom Pro include seatbelts five points of attachment and reliable locking mechanism securely hold the baby in the stroller.Special Shoulders on straps designed to prevent damage to the straps on the arms and shoulders, the kid make the trip comfort

able.For maximum convenience provided footrest, height adjustable.Also available and supine position (angle of inclination of up to 154 degrees), so the stroller is ideal for parents whose kids love to take a nap for a walk.

large hood that can detach, if desired, in the open state can protect the baby from wind, snow and rain.A special water-repellent fabric will not miss moisture, even if you did not have with the bundled slicker.

For moms also Stroller Jane Slalom Pro is comfortable even thanks to the original and simple folding mechanism.She folded like a book, with one hand, it is enough to put in action a special mechanism, which made control on the handle.Incidentally, the stroller is suitable for both low mothers, and for her that the model of growth: 4 levels of height adjustment knobs allow everyone to choose the most comfortable driving position.Also, parents will appreciate the possibility of complete removal of trim carriage - this is a very convenient way to look after her.

Himself Jane Slalom Pro frame tube made of aluminum andronirovannogo that guarantee its strength and lightness.A setting at the base of the stroller seat stroller is simple and the power of any parents.His way, you can deploy by selecting the position for the child to face the mother or to the road.The first option is suitable for children of the first year of life, and the kiddies are older is much more interesting to see the world, so they prefer the second position.Parents can easily navigate the preferences of the baby.

While using the stroller parents get a lot of pleasure: in addition to the maneuverability, the possibility of overcoming any obstacles on the road, it is still very easy to push.In many models, not fully thought out how to roll a baby parents with long legs: they always cling brakes, wheels or basket.The Jane Slalom Pro this moment considered: special C-shape makes it easy to push the wheelchair.

original design, wide range of colors and excellent characteristics allow everyone to find an option that is ideal for kids and parents will like.