Power-year-old child: how, when and what to feed

year - a turning point, not only mental but also physiological development of the baby.And in order to go through without any problems this time, to properly organize meals year-old child, do not forget how on the regime, and about diet.In this case, to help the simple rules, which will be described below.

Diet year-old child

Every mother who is nursing her child, knows the basic rules, which is recommended to follow both doctors and consultants on breastfeeding - "power on demand".Overcoming first birthday, it should be significantly corrected.So, it is necessary to leave the five main meals.

about the importance of breakfast, says a lot.This is true of children, including those who are one year old.This meal should be received no later than one hour after awakening.

Lunch.If baby sleeps during the day twice, then the child should be offering lunch between periods of a day of rest.If the toddler has already passed one dream, then, as a rule, the second main meal is carried out for half an hour


afternoon snack is always recommended after sleep.But dinner can be combined with the usual time for the family.Before the night's rest, you can also offer your child a dairy product.

last remark on how to organize a diet year-old child is one major rule.It should be set so as to coincide with the biological rhythm of the baby clearly fixed feeding hours.The specialists note that the deviations are possible, but not more than half an hour.


year-old child How to feed your baby, parents decide together with the pediatrician.However, food-year-old child should be obliged to include the 5 food groups: dairy, meat, cereals and grains, vegetables and fruits, desserts.

child grows and for its full development requires dairy products, including dairy.And because diet year-old child is still includes milk.It can be as breast and substitutes - adapted milk formula or animal milk (cow or goat).Furthermore, it should be administered cottage cheese, yogurt, curdled milk, sour cream is not more than 15% fat, cheese and butter.

group "meat products" only conditionally named so.In it, in addition to meat and poultry, fish and eggs included.It is believed that a child should get each day one of these products.But they must alternate, and if during the day are aligned at least two meat product groups, a portion of each of them is halved.Thus, in the night the child can not eat more than forty grams of fish and not more than seventy meat.Egg should be "spoiling" the baby no more than once a week.

group "cereals and cereal" know kids and their parents at first feeding.It also stays in the menus after year.It is best to offer the baby porridge for breakfast or dinner, but the daily dose should not exceed a quarter of a kilogram.It should be noted that familiarity with millet and barley groats is better to postpone until the age of three years.

group "fruits and vegetables" can be incorporated in almost any meal.Every day a child is obliged to consume about 150 grams of vegetables and 120 grams of fruit.Particularly useful for the organism baby these foods raw.And it's not just about the beneficial effects on intestinal function and preservation of vitamins.Solid, they teach the child to chew and, according to dentists, well influence the formation of the appearance of the teeth.The final advice on this group: baby menu should include fruits and vegetables only in season.

Group "sweetness" - is discussed not only doctors, but also parents theme.But if it was decided to include them in the child's diet, it should be remembered that the first can be a dessert fruit salad.From the age of one and a half years to it "connected" cakes of dough and cheese desserts.You can also offer sweets, which are based on fruit smoothie (fruit jelly, marshmallow or candy).

Keep in mind that food year-old child should be varied.At the same time, with the introduction of new courses parents have a duty to monitor, as before, the response to the proposed product.In the case of negative manifestations in the future is take it out of kid's menu and after some time for him to return.

The above rules apply only to children, physiological and mental development is not serious.If the baby has a problem, the solution of which requires medical attention, food year-old child should be coordinated with the attending physician.