Inexpensive Carriage 2 In 1 Personal Discount - Model of rational behavior when buying children's products

Once, 12 years ago, when my son was not born yet, and his wife was already in the hospital, I attended shopping stuff for the new family member.Domestic online retailers in 2000 were still not very developed and popular, and the Internet itself was a novelty to many.Thus, I had only two options: a children's market, or children's stores.

choice fell on the largest fair in Moscow children's products.As a result of many hours of wandering among strollers cots, sliders, rattles and other children's products, pre-prepared shopping list has grown substantially and unceremoniously went beyond the capacity of the family budget.

When I returned home, relatives and friends had distributed among themselves gifts to the newborn.And there was a very important decision, which allowed the next two days to buy cheaply almost all the children's products .Relatives staked gifts, gave me their money's worth and I mix these funds from its own budget, a day already in its sole discretion to buy everything you need.

first day at the children's fair, was not in vain, and he found himself once again among this abundance of wheelchairs, children's pots, diapers and sliders, I immediately went to the place where, in my opinion, was a wide range of inexpensive children's products.There were a few points is scheduled.The calculation was correct.Buying at each location at least three things, I managed to get very good discounts on baby products.In one tent, where I liked inexpensive stroller , cot, toys in the crib and highchair, to me as a bonus for a big purchase gave free walkers and baby bath.

But that was 12 years ago, when a model of low prices were fair and not online shopping.And, here, in front of me again soon challenge will be to buy everything you need and the child fit into the budget.Of course, past experience should be taken into account.And because it can be useful not only to me, I will try to summarize it, and, taking into account the current realities, to present a model of rational behavior when purchasing goods for the newborn.

The following recommendations will help to buy everything you need and do not pay too much at the same time.

Firstly, children's products should be chosen initially inexpensive, it will protect the situation when buying the expensive crib, you will wrestle with how to save money on carriage and so cheap.

Secondly, let relatives and friends give money.You yourself will pick up the child the necessary thing at the rate of price and quality.

Third, buy the Internet - it is cheaper.

Fourth, find an online store, which has a "personal discount."That is, you are willing to give up a good, if you buy more goods.

Fifth, inexpensive stroller 2 in 1 or transformer - a convenient and efficient solution.Why is that?Learn more.

So, you are ready to buy.Let's define what we mean by "inexpensive children's goods."Take for example the "low-cost wheelchair."Today the market of children's products are represented in sufficient stock.Most low-cost wheelchairs are produced in China.Often, local companies find partners there, who entrusted the production of its products.This can significantly reduce the cost and offer customers a modern inexpensive stroller.These strollers significantly cheaper counterparts, but are comparable in features.

some buyers are afraid of the phrase "affordable stroller."Parents worry that low-cost, and even more cheap goods made in China, may be of poor quality.The majority of this heritage stereotype of Chinese consumer goods which emerged in the 90s of the last century.Who is this stereotype quite often refuted by new realities.China has become a cheap assembly shop for many famous brands.For fun, take a look at the system block of the computer, and there you are bound to find items labeled «Made in China».

next opportunity to save and buy a cheap stroller is to purchase it with the expectation of the future.As is well known to children of all ages need to use different carriages.Infants suitable cradle (basket), when the child is confident sitting with him to walk in the stroller.The moment of change of the vehicle is not always easy to catch and parents is sometimes difficult to determine when it is time to get rid of the bassinet and stroller buying.Often children or perederzhivat in a basket from which they continually strive to fall sooner or seated in a walk, where they have to sleep recline.Moreover, this extra spending.It is cheaper to buy a wheelchair, based on all periods of growing baby.A good way to save - buy cheap pram 2 in 1 pram or a convertible.It will be convenient for a child at any age and at any time of the year, and costs less than two wheelchair.

And last, very important way to save money when buying a pram.Typically, the cost online store is almost always do not depend on the amount of goods sold and delivered one customer at a time.By and large, the seller is interested in the fact that there were more buyers, asEach of them brings a certain minimum income.And it is always better to take profits by making personal discounts to customers who need a few products, rather than trying to squeeze more out of the money, the risk of losing customers.

Buy cheap stroller , bath, high chair and other baby items simple - find a store that is willing to provide a good personal discount and you make the necessary purchases.At the same time do not be afraid to buy, as the saying goes for growth, if now you can buy something cheaper.Sooner or later, this product still have to buy, and a year or two or three you and others spend enough.