Great mystery, or How children are born

Of all the wonders that nature has generously bestowed upon us, perhaps the miracle of new life most meaningful.The ability to give birth to their own kind is available in virtually all living creatures.People still have not found the answers to some questions about how to form and how babies are born.In this article we will discuss some interesting points on how the process of birth.

So, nine months of the long-awaited expectations kid coming to an end ... That's a favorite child should be born.Anxious expectation is replaced by the excitement.The closer the precious day, the more the mother-covered alarm.How children are born, of course, it is no secret.But even looking at dozens of movies, reading hundreds of articles about how babies are born, the woman would not stop to worry about how it will take generations.Whether all goes well?Such feelings are natural, especially if it's your first pregnancy, the expectant mother to give birth, and to be the first time.What you should know every woman about

how babies are born?What are the processes that take place in her body, calling the generations?Why it depends on whether the successful and timely deliveries?

Throughout the pregnancy the cervix woman has dense, firmly ensuring the safety and comfort of the fetus.But the hour of the baby to be born.The cervix is ​​gradually smoothed out, it begins to open, and the muscles of the uterus begin to contract.This is an amazing miracle - the process of the birth of a new life!I wonder what causes the uterus, so carefully protects the fruit, suddenly open up and let him out?It turns out that a woman's brain begins to intensively produce hormones oxytocin.Somehow, incredibly pituitary woman determines the time of birth the baby and sends appropriate instructions to the body.Thus, having received a signal from the brain, the muscles of the uterus begin their work.The second hormone, stimulates the generic process is produced by the placenta.This hormone, progesterone throughout a woman's pregnancy prevented contractions, keeping the fruit.In the event of an initial phase of delivery action of progesterone stops the uterus and begins to intensify the work on reduction of muscles.A little patience and time, and now mum is enjoying the fact that he hears the voice of her newborn, can pet him and look in his eyes.What an unimaginable happiness!

As a child is born, we realized now have to deal with how quickly he adapted to the new environment - the outside world.Fetal lungs all the time of its development in the womb were filled with fluid.But now the baby will breathe the air.In the process of how the movement of the birth canal, the fluid from the lungs of the child departs.When the baby finally comes out of the womb, he takes the first breath.Usually newborn nurses slaps on the ass tiny to cause screaming or crying.So the baby will be easier to breathe.At the same time, the enormous changes taking place in the circulation remains.The blood from the heart is now directed straight into the baby's lungs.This allows him to immediately begin to breathe air.This is such a wonderful metamorphosis!

And very soon your precious child starts asking endless questions ... Why cloud of white and sky blue?And who scattered the stars in the sky?And from what made the grass?And the most favorite - where children are born?Parents will be patiently and carefully explain all the details of life to his inquisitive kid.And over time, you see, and he will be a parent ... How wonderful that we have this remarkable ability - the birth of a new life!