Bob Haircut at the peak of popularity

bob haircut is very popular and relevant among the female population of the planet.It is known since ancient centuries BC, when the Egyptians wore similar hairstyles, and at the beginning of the XX century, this daring hairstyle gained incredible success with girls who are tired of long hair and weird hairstyles.Mowing the feminine, modern and in some way a bold, because part with curls ready not any devushkahot sometimes like.

s what the popularity of the haircut, why more women are her fans?

huge popularity bob haircut for several reasons:

  • versatility.Bob is suitable for girls and straight, with curly hair, romantic and glamorous business and fervent.A variety of variations of this hairstyle did not like each other, so any woman will find his style haircut bob.
  • Practicality.Bob haircut does not require much effort to care and styling, in contrast to other haircuts and hairstyles.Fortunately laid bean retains its shape for a long time during the day.
  • naturally.Bob haircut, unlike the complex an
    d bizarre hairstyles, looks fresh and natural, and it is a guarantee that you will make a positive impression at him and left him only pleasant emotions from communicating with you.

fashion offers many options bob haircut types which are very different from each other, sometimes even hard to imagine that this or that hairstyle - a kind of bean.At different bob hair looks different: business or romantic style, provocative and boldly-sexy - what to choose is up to you.

you are always busy, and living in a mad rhythm of a business woman?Then the classic bob without bangs is the best fit for you.This haircut is universal, and the classical form of visually makes your hair more volume.Pruning does not require a lot of time for everyday styling: all that is required possessor of such hairstyles - hair brush and a round shape.The classic bob hairstyle suits girls with any type of person, but not with any hair.To classic bob looked gorgeous, we need perfectly straight hair.

energetic and athletic woman would prefer a stepwise Bob - medium length haircut with bangs.This haircut is quite simple, but it always looks impressive and elegant.Laying in such shearing can be done even without a hair drier: Apply to dried hair mousse, and then finally separate drying desired strands with wax or gel strong hold.

chubby beauties will suit both the short asymmetrical bob haircut and a bob with long front strands.Such a haircut on his head begins as a normal bean and chin locks on both or one hand lengthened.

Very elegant and feminine hairstyle is straightforward and blunt bob with bangs.The winner of the round or square faces should keep in mind that the length of a hairstyle should not be above the chin.

retro style haircut applied to bean - is popular in the 70s from the very top of the wave.This hairstyle is incredibly feminine and glamorous, especially if it is made without a bang.Lay a need to cut with a round brush: it is necessary to dry the hair from the roots to the tips - it will give hair extra volume.

Whichever option bob hairstyle you choose, we must remember that this haircut, though, and does not require much effort and a lot of time laying in need of basic care to maintain the beauty and elegance.So:

  • Remember volume mousse, if you - the owner of fine hair.
  • For more volume, use a large round brush.
  • To give your hair a perfect smoothness do not forget about ironing.
  • additional hair shine give a light spray.