Bob haircut and its variations for summer 2011

bob haircut - one of the most popular hairstyles in 2011.This hairstyle is versatile, stylish, comfortable and feminine, it is selected and employed business woman, who did not have time for complicated installation and glamorous beauties who want to look important, feminine and sexy.Kara has a lot to do with bob haircut, but the difference between Bob and quads that kare - haircut with bangs.

Driving bob haircut.

for classic bob there is a technique which mark each master.Driving bob haircut is as follows:

  1. First you need to moisten the hair, and during shearing sprinkle them with water to preserve the effect of wet hair.
  2. Next you need to determine the length of hair clippers future, it is important to remember that the hair pripodnimut about 1 cm after drying.
  3. Turning to the haircut, remember that first issued the occipital part - is the foundation and the length of hair.At the bottom of the occiput is a strand thickness of 1 cm - for this strand is equal to the entire hairstyle.
  4. Master smooths the hair on both sides of the head placed in the middle parting.On the sides of the hair length should be longer than the back, but the transition should be smooth, with no sharp projections.
  5. bob haircut can be a variety of lengths: short and - from the middle of the face, and a long - up to the shoulders.Finally
  6. need attention bang - there is a huge area for experiments, including one's imagination and will look great!

There are many options bob haircut, which explains its universality, because among the many different types you can choose the hairstyle that is right for you.Short, asymmetric, graded, rack-ball - it's not all options of this versatile haircuts, moreover, in addition to the above options, there are haircuts based on the square.These hairstyles can diversify boring classic hairstyle, they fit the girls, regardless of age and shape of the face.Consider the main examples of haircuts on the basis of a square.

haircut based on a square stage - the choice of fashionistas 2011. This hairstyle is characterized by a sharp transition length of hair, pronounced "ladder", in contrast to the classic hairstyles, this is achieved by the fact that the hair shave at a large angle.

Fashion in 2011 bob haircut - asymmetrical bob, in which one side of the face hair is much shorter than the other.This cut through a penalty often accompanies side parting, so hair looks more stylish and elegant.

to date this year looks haircut with straight lines and clear cut.This hairstyle looks perfectly straight, cutting angles clearly observed.This technique is also used in the design of normal and oblique bangs that can move seamlessly into the main length haircut.

bob haircut can be a basis for short haircuts, for example, a short bob.This hairstyle is elegant and feminine - neck open due to the fact that the hair is cut short on top and in the frontal area - thick and more or less long hair.

special haircut cascade on the basis of a penalty proposed in 2011 as one of the most fashionable.This haircut barber performed as follows: initially performed a simple square, the length of the hair in a hair - on the shoulders, to shape a master Mills ends of the hair.Ends hairstyle design long braid bang up to chin level.This hairstyle is extremely relevant in this year, it will appeal to all fashionistas.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember that the square in 2011, is very popular, if you are tired of the monotonous hairstyles, experiment with a hairstyle will be very successful.And if we use a special program that will see your new image, then all will be just fine!