How to restore your hair after lightening.

Currently, in order to be blossoming, a young and beautiful woman is on the lot.In particular, one way to change the image - this is hair coloring.As you know, the blonde men are always in the price, so more and more appears beautiful women who are interested in the question: "How to restore your hair after lightening?".Almost completely such experiments entail consequences not too pleasant.And no matter what paint used to lighten hair, they are still experiencing enormous stress, as well as the scalp.Peeling, dryness, loss of elasticity and dullness - is only a few consequences that might have expected.All the more so you do not raise questions such as "How to restore your hair after lightening?", You must know that it is especially dangerous for thin hair.Normal to oily subsequently require maximum fortification and additional care.

Restoring hair after lightening usually occurs with the use of various tools for hair care.Their action should be aimed at special treatment.Choose those funds, which in

dicated that they were intended for the weak and dry hair.

Experts recommend at least for the first time eliminate the use of a hair dryer.And it is better to eliminate the drying manner.This will further dry out and damage your hair.After shampooing, always to use air conditioning, which has regenerative properties, considering your hair type.

If you are a lover of termoukladki, you should absolutely give it up.Heat even more dangerous chemicals.If you still want to do chemistry on bleached hair, the gap between these procedures must be at least two weeks.

order for hair to look attractive and glittering, they need regular trimming, can be hot scissors.This will help to avoid the appearance of split ends.If you do not know how to restore your hair after clarification, remember from what shampoo you use a lot depends.Do not skimp on this expenditure.Never buy shampoo + balsam "2 in 1".They have a completely different problem, so the hair can be dirty with external well-being.

not know how to restore your hair after clarification?Of course, try restoring mask.Many of them can be made at home without special financial and labor costs.Take a few bulbs, squeeze juice from them, mix it with lemon juice, egg yolks of two eggs, and almond oil.The mixture was put on hair, and after 30 minutes rinse with warm water.This mask can be made right through the day.

Another good recipe: burdock oil mixed with red pepper (seasoning), then rubbed with a mixture of the hair, scalp.It is necessary to roll up all this plastic bag and keep as long as possible.Do not be afraid, if strongly oven.

There are soothing and gentle mask: a glass of warm milk mixed with two tablespoons of honey, applied to the hair, and after 30 minutes, rinsed with warm water.

In order to restore your hair after clarification, it is necessary to drink vitamins.The doctor will recommend that you be sure which ones.A good effect is biotin, zinc and calcium.Do not despair if your hair look dull and sick.A little effort and they become normal, healthy appearance.The main thing is to give them attention every day, take care of them and do not be lazy to do a variety of masks.Remember, beauty sometimes requires a lot of sacrifices, so deciding on the clarification, please meet adequately the consequences of this step and deal with them.