The technology Cascade haircuts and hairstyles for this haircut

When choosing a hairstyle woman wants to get the benefits: to emphasize the oval face, the hair and show smart to change.And wants a simple styling to every morning in the mirror does not carry out extra time to create a form of hair.Many barbers in this case offer the following - is a technology cascade haircuts."Cascade" is suitable for women with straight hair and a bit of curling.Also thanks to this hairstyle hair look thicker.If the hair of the girl heavy and thick and so, it is better to make another cut.It looks great on the hair a cascade of light, or light-brown shades, and Highlighted Hair, as the strands will stand out and shine.

technology haircuts stage coincides with the title: at the top are doing shorter strands, a strand of the longer, the lower it is, and the hair eventually looks like a cascade.Technology haircut cascade is performed on a bit moist hair.First, in the center of the head, make a strand.It serves as a comparison with the other strands.Then comb the lock of control, and

this strand is pulled to the floor, the remaining strands are doing, focusing on control.In straight cut strands.Then mow the occipital, parietal, and temporal-side zone.And haircut takes a graduated, step form.Technology haircut cascade - is a space fantasy: strongly ragged haircut can be back on the entire length of hair or long soft hair, forming on the tips "cascade".

There is another technology haircut cascade - is when trimmed strand by strand.Be sure to make a tapering hair, straight hair trimmed if, because of this haircut becomes lush and laying do better.The principle of laying stage - give volume to the hair and put the tips.It does not take a lot of time.Laying do with your fingers and a hair dryer.The girl's head must be lowered down to dry your hair in the direction of the hair from the roots to the tips.To make the haircut required curvaceous better to use wax or hair gel.For festive styling should wash their hair, they put foam and styling her hair spread evenly.Then dry the hair with a comb and a hair dryer, a right angle pulling hair, directing the hot air to the hair roots.Thus, the roots become bulkier.Then you put the tips of the hair using a round brush.They can be directed inward or outward.To fix the shape of hair well after application use varnish and wax.

Hairstyles for cascade hairstyle fashionable summer of 2011 in a retro style.

This style creates a mystery in the form of a girl.Hair stands out from all others because of its singularity.Typically, short haircuts in the style of selected business women, because they want to show how serious they are.For long hair haircut cascade is also called long-haired - a ladder, it is always popular.It is in demand due to the clean lines, and how beautiful hair goes one layer to another.It involves also that turns lush styling.If the girl has medium-length hair, a "cascade" looks particularly impressive.This hairstyle is not very good disguises thick hair.Since the tips of the strands of different hairstyle can be done by using more voluminous hair curlers, hair dryer or curling.At half-length hair "cascade" looks stylish - this with the ironing elongated straight hair strands.But this approach a woman laying on the condition that her face shape - is correct.This technique of shearing stage is as follows, at 90 degrees clipped hair, and the tips of the strands are sharp and crisp.

Here are some simple rules here!