Hot scissors: ideal for cutting hair

Every woman wants her hair healthy and beautiful, but always having some trouble: they begin to fall out, they become brittle and visited.Incidentally, the cross-section - is one of the most vulnerable hair.In recent years, more and more often it is heard on such an interesting process as cutting hair with hot scissors.These days it can take advantage of every woman, not only for their own whim, but to improve the hair.

The secret

Another great Cleopatra knew that heat favorably affects the appearance of hair.To please her, the servants of the blade is heated over a fire, and then set about cutting the hair.The procedure was painful, but useful.Today, of course, nothing like that do not need, just contact with the interior, where everyone will spend a haircut hot scissors.They differ from conventional scissors that their blades are topped with plastic must be heated to a certain temperature by connecting a pair of scissors to the mains.Outside hot scissors is also almost no different, except that

the scissors attached to the electric wire.Scissors for hot hairstyles are simple to handle, and it does not burn out, since only heat the blade, and they, as mentioned above, hidden under the plastic.

Hot scissors: what is the use

main function - fighting posechennymi tips.When cutting hair with scissors is usually carried out, their tips are open.Until they are closed, it takes a few days, and this time is sufficient to penetrate into every hair dust and dirt from the environment.Also open hairs are losing vitamins and nutrients, so look unkempt and weakened.When hot scissors haircut is held in the cut every hair immediately sealed by the heat of the blades.As a result, the structure of the hair is not broken and is not subject to external influences.

Cons haircuts hot scissors

Despite its superiority, hot shears are some minuses.Firstly, a good result after the first procedure to achieve it does not, they will need at least 3-4.Secondly, to maintain the effect obtained should always: Go to conventional haircut scissors, split ends appear again.Third, hot scissors haircut takes several times longer than the usual haircut.Fourth, this procedure is not cheap.To say exactly how much is a haircut hot scissors, it is impossible, as each cabin sets the price at its sole discretion (in relation to the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment and its maintenance).One thing is certain: the amount of at least 1.5 times exceed the cost of a conventional haircut.But it's really worth it.

When it is not necessary to hurry up with a hairstyle

As such contraindications for cutting hot scissors no.Still, many experts advise to wait with the procedure in the event that just took place perming or coloring.Hair experienced severe stress, and now they need a few days to come back to normal.In general, it is best to first conduct a haircut hot scissors, which is "sealed" and does not allow the hair to penetrate the structure of chemicals.

Hot scissors: cutting results

Well, we summarize.What, then, will your hair after a few haircuts?In the first place brittle and visited disappear, there will be no trace of split ends.Markedly increase the volume, and do hair will become healthy appearance, become stronger and more flexible.In addition, after the haircut hot scissors and comb them easier to stack.