Hair coloring: when you want to change

Many women like to experiment with their looks.And the main reason for that - the desire to be like everyone else.Often, in order to radically change the image, it is enough to change the hair and dye her hair.A good option for modern fashionistas is coloring hair.

What is it

Kolorirovanie - this is a special method of staining individual strands of hair.Often confused with highlights, but the two concepts are significantly different to each other.When dyeing is not used for more than two dyes that while hair coloring may be effected using even 10 dyes.


Kolorirovanie hair carried out in several stages: in the first, the individual strands are applied dyes, after which each strand is wrapped with foil, to avoid the mixing of colors.The most common staining begins with a bang and ends at the back.Damage to the hair structure maintained the necessary amount of time prescribed in the instructions, after which it must be washed using shampoo and balsam.

type of coloring, which is carr

ied out using a foil, is called complete.But there are several other methods:

· Surface coloring is a coloring of the top layer of hair.For these purposes the cap for dyeing.The only problem is that the process itself is long since using caps have to spend a few stains, depending on the number of colors.In order to prevent mixing every shade is necessary to paint separately.

· Multi-layer coloring is hair coloring to multiple layers.For example, the lowest layer of the hair can be light brown, medium - ash, and the upper layer - light ash.

· Similar to the previous method of coloring and contrast, however, when it is carried out painting in a way that the lower hair stained in one color and the other top.This is good there is a clear boundary between the two layers.

This approach

Kolorirovanie hair suit women of any age.The most important thing to choose the right shades.So, if young girls staining can be performed using bright colors, the older women should be preferred restrained close to the natural color tones.Suitable such method of staining to those who want to visually increase the volume of hair.A similar effect is just the same, and is achieved by the use of multiple colors.

Kolorirovanie home

It should be noted that the conduct coloring at home on their own is very difficult.Of course, you can try, that's just impossible to know what will be the end result.It is particularly difficult to carry out at home coloring long hair.If you want to, but in another way, it is best to choose a complete staining using foil.

prepare all the necessary equipment (gloves, dyes), you need to carefully read the instructions and act as it is written there.Do not choose an elaborate scheme of coloring, as it is unlikely to hold out.Wearing gloves, you must knead the paint and prepare foil (width about 3 cm).Dyeing is carried out in rows, and starting from the back is best.Take a strand width of 0.5 cm and carefully smeared with paint.Then you need to lock wrapped in foil and set aside so that it does not interfere.By alternating shades, you need to paint over all the locks.After finishing one row, you need to proceed to the next, etc.When all strands are dyed, it is necessary to wait for the time indicated in the instructions and rinse dyes using shampoo and balsam.