Modern Methods of Hair Removal

At all times women were interested in addressing the growth of unwanted body hair.Our ancestor got rid of excess vegetation with the help of ordinary sugar.However, this technique still exists today under the name of - shugaring.However, apart from this, there are now many other methods of hair removal, giving every woman the right to choose the most appropriate.
The term "hair removal" is meant the total destruction of the hair bulb, without the possibility of subsequent recovery.That is why many women prefer the procedure of "waxing", which provides a temporary hair removal, considering that hair removal brings harm to the body.However, it is not.
Today, there are three of the most popular and effective method of hair removal - it's electric, epilation and laser hair removal.Before prefer one of these embodiments, it is necessary to define some important points: the sensitivity of the skin, hair structure (thickness, length, color) and the treated area.
Least pain brings laser hair removal.However, t

he laser is capable of reacting with the pigment contained in the skin, so this method of hair removal is contraindicated natural blonde to prevent burns of the skin.In order to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, you must spend a minimum of four treatments.
Laser hair removal is based on the destruction of the pigment melanin, which is contained in the hair.In the treated area photoepilators exposed using the light flux whose settings (power, frequency of outbreaks and so on.) Can be adjusted.The main disadvantage of this method is the negative impact of the luminous flux to the skin pigment.That is why after the procedure for at least a month can not appear in the sun, do lpg massage, tattooing.Photoepilation severely dehydrates the treated surface, making the skin dry and in need of a thorough wetting.
electric hair removal destroys the hair follicle by a current.In this single exposure it is not enough - for the thorough destruction of the bulbs have to repeat the procedure several times.This method is quite effective, but brings a lot of pain.