A Doll's House: a dream come true

Ah, childhood, childhood ... This wonderful world where little dream can make a child the happiest person.My favorite toy, a little fluffy kitten, bike or skates - quite earthly desires that we adults manage to turn their dreams into a person dear to us.

often in a toy store, you can hear the gasps of delighted shoppers who saw magnificent dollhouse, wistfully exclaim: "I, too, wanted to be the same!" Today, this dream can be purchased at almost any children's store.But not all, or can not always afford to part with a heavy share of the monthly salary.It does not matter.It is possible to build a doll house with his own hands.Believe me, made by his own hands Dolls little princess will experience no less fun.

It will not just be for her most precious gift, what would not be none of girlfriends.Lots of positive emotions it will get from the process of making crafts.In addition, the attempt to create a home for the dolls will bring together all members of the family.It will be even longer, but enterta

ining process with lots of creative ideas and an incredible offer from each household.Let's get started.Necessary material

course, the choice of the base material depends on the desired end result.If you plan to create a large doll house with lots of rooms on several floors, then give preference to the plywood.However, this method is quite troublesome.In the case of construction of a house for little dolls, you can do the usual cardboard box.Doll house can make sheets of polystyrene.Foam structure of this material can be easily clerical knife.Ease of such designs can be attributed to one of the advantages of using this material.

advisable to start "building" the house with the project.This business can be entrusted with the future owner of the luxurious palace.Then, based on the real opportunities are now taking the project on heavy paper (you can use fabric wallpaper).Prepared templates use for the manufacture of parts of the selected material.In addition, we need glue, toothpicks, and the material for the walls.

house building

main parts house - walls and foundation.The optimal depth for the construction is 30 cm. The width of the assembly - 120 cm. Then do the markup side (30x30 cm) and face the wall.Beforehand cut out the details of the window openings.

first wall in the coupling place smeared with glue.Pierces toothpicks glued seam strength.And the wall takes only half island anchorages, the second part is immersed in the fabric are closed.Gradually assemble the entire structure, following a given project.For convenience, all the details can be pre-numbered as in the picture and the details.

Once the entire structure is assembled, it is necessary to strengthen the window openings.For this cut a strip of material used, the width corresponding to the wall thickness.Of these, form the window assembly, gluing strips of the inner perimeter of the opening.Then, between the frames firmly insert partition.

At least begin the construction of the scenery.Given the parameters of the design, the size of window openings cut from the wallpaper "odezhku" for the walls.To doll house like a small fairy kingdom, decorate the windows and an end wall of the molding, which can be purchased at any hardware store.For the decoration of the walls, you can use the paper border.Paul is lined with pieces of linoleum.It remains to build a doll house furniture and other interior design feature - and a home for the dolls ready.