Fondue set: delicious and easy!

Fondue is not just a tasty dish, but also a ritual associated with intercourse.Food from the so-called "one-pot" brings together around the table and contributes to a very leisurely and friendly conversation.In the literal translation of the French word Ā«fondreĀ» means "to heat, melt" that fully describes this dish in all its variations.The history of the emergence of fund totals about seven centuries.

It is believed that this kind of dish invented Swiss shepherds who decided to make cheese and bread hot dinner on an open fire.As a result, they get a tasty and satisfying dish.Today, there is a fondue set for almost every European family.With these instruments and the joint preparation of such a kind of food, at any table easily fastened conversation and a warm atmosphere.

Modern fondue set - a set consisting of a tank mixture stand with burner and forks.The entire tableware listed may be made of various materials: iron, ceramics, clays and steel.Each of these materials in their own good for making

a particular type of food.And even if the container is intended for broth, fallen into disrepair, there is no need to get upset.

If the remaining alcohol stove and stand included in the set, fondue set, you can always purchase additional crockery and cutlery.Thus, in a home for a standard torch can be of different materials tableware intended for the preparation of chocolate, cheese, meat or fish fondue.

For example, a ceramic fondue set is usually used for making chocolate and cheese dishes.For meat dishes use of ceramics is not amiss as cheese and chocolate require a much more moderate temperatures than meat.A more universal in this sense is a set of fondue made from cast iron or stainless steel.They can even be further heat the mixture in a conventional electric stove to direct mounting on the burner or serving.

With this in many housewives first melted cheese in a conventional cooking pot on the stove, and after that it is poured into a container fondyushnitsy - all to avoid overheating, and at times to reduce cooking time.Speaking of the cast iron cookware, fondue set, then broth, cooked in such a capacity, have a more intense flavor and aroma and retain heat longer.

Buy Fondue set you can now, in any specialty store offering a variety of products for home and leisure.In addition, you can look in the shopping centers that represent various kitchen utensils.The cost of these products is very different - it all depends on the manufacturer, the material and the availability of additional manufacturing of cutlery, plates, cups and saucers portioned that could be attached.