Computer accessories: a mouse pad to choose?

man who spend long hours at the computer, of course, wants all the equipment functioned flawlessly.This is especially important when working with computers linked or gameplay.Indeed, in this case, every detail, even such as mouse pad, can be crucial.


To begin with we shall understand the terminology.Mouse pad (or mouse) - a special item, accessory, the surface of which is designed to work on it a mechanical arm, called the computer mouse.The working surface of the mat provides a smooth, gentle movement of the manipulator, from which, in turn, depends on the accuracy of the movement of the cursor on the computer screen and correct the speed of the commands and actions.Ultimately properly selected mouse pad improves the performance and comfort of the labor user, especially in the processes associated with operations in the office and design applications, as well as many modern games.Naturally, in more accessory needed for mechanical mouse, becausetheir movement depends on the smoothness

of the surface of a table or other surface.No mat degree of contact of the ball with the operating environment of the device close enough, simply pointing the cursor slips past the relevant sectors of the screen.

Mouse Optical is important not so, quite often it is replaced by a sheet of plain paper for printing, or the mouse is functioning safely and without additional accessories.

types of rugs

«Myshkodromy" distinguished by three parameters: the size of the area, production material functionality.On the first of them, they are divided into standard, mini and maxi.On the second - on fabric, plastic, glass, aluminum, gel.On the third - the usual and play.

Great mouse pad is suitable for mechanical "rodent": for the convenience of working with them need considerable space under the "run" wheel.Small size for good optical mouse mats are convenient, since they occupy less space on the desk.

fabric covering more pleasant to the touch.This accessory can be rolled roller, it is easy to transport, etc.But marketable product deteriorates fairly quickly, and "running" the manipulator deprived of the desired speed.These mats are usually acquired from the category of persons of ordinary users.

Gaming mouse pads are made from plastic and glass.Plastic models increasingly common due to its versatility.They are equally compliant, and laser and optical devices.Moreover, the plastic pad laser mouse - it is what we need becauseglass types such manipulators are not "friends".

gel coatings - a real gift for office workers, teachers, writers, and of all people who have to type texts or large amounts to produce a set of operations.Feature mats - silicone cushion to maintain your hands and remove it from the tension.But they are not suitable for games, and require special, careful handling.

Finally, bilateral "Palace".They are multifunctional, one of their glossy surface, and the other - matt.If the accessory is a type of game, each party corresponds to a different type of games.

Design and layout

For regulars Internet gamers and fans to sit behind a PC appearance accessories is not the last value.Depending on their age and aptitudes, some users choose accessory with bright, elegant prints and non-standard geometries.Others are rugs calm colors, solid, square or rectangular shapes with rounded corners.Available products with additional features: they can be illuminated, to serve as a tablet or data storage, etc.