Roman candles: holiday attribute any occasion

Surely each of us watched the colorful and grandiose fireworks show, consisting of colored salutes and fireworks in the delightful city holidays.Every adult person at least once in their lives used firecrackers, sparklers and confetti, and set fire to most of Roman candles and firecrackers at small private parties, weddings and various celebrations.

Enchanting show, which can be arranged independently with the help of modern fireworks of new products - a delightful and memorable experience!Using Roman candles, which can be bought in almost any specialty store, you can create a noisy, bright and unforgettable magic moment any celebration.

usually form a cylinder made of cardboard, filled with several different layers of pyrotechnic compositions, able to impress every viewer.Multi-colored balls, stars and arrows, which throws a Roman candle, first stun the viewer and then hit its brightness and unusual beauty, paint the night sky bright multi-colored sparks.

What to say when the organizers of the fi

reworks have become professionals, to create a unique and magical picture of the bright sparks of light effects in the night sky.With the organization of fireworks roman candles, rockets, fountains of sparks and fireworks batteries, fireworks create a grand master and large-scale shows.At such moments, each observer with bated breath watching the stunning, multi-faceted, brilliant tints.

Through ease of use, low cost and impressive results, such fireworks received to date nationwide popularity worldwide.Roman candles can produce five to thirty different volleys, alternating between different light and sound effects, to a height of fifty meters.

However, to colorful and noisy show caused each observer only joy and delight, it is essential when starting Fireworks stick to the basic rules of safety.After all, any fireworks product may be flammable and traumatic!

First, acquire any fireworks or fireworks should be only in specialized retail outlets and stores.In no case can not buy from the vendors and bystanders.

Second, be sure to read the instructions on the packaging of pyrotechnic articles.Never shoot fireworks in closed areas or near residential homes and any buildings, wires, and trees.Launch fireworks only in calm weather.

Third, the instruction should be required to indicate the rules run.For example, Roman candles for the safe use of vertical wick digged into the earth up to half the length.Sometimes they are tied to a peg so that the lower end rests on the ground.

lights the fuse at arm's length.The first salvo may occur after some time, so even if it seems that the fuse is not burnt out until the end, do not approach the pyrotechnic devices within ten minutes.

Subject instructions arranged fireworks will only bring joy and positive emotions to all witnesses of this stunner!