Sledge "Timka" - perfect for a snowy winter

In the last few years we have stood winters harsh and snowy.For parents with small children deep snow - a disaster.In the wheelchair-transformer does not go far, as usual sled for very young children do not fit.The ideal solution for movement on snow-covered streets become sledge-stroller.This is a hybrid sanochek and stroller, designed for children aged 1 to 4 years.But if your child, which is not yet a year, sits confidently, and they come to him.

Sledge-stroller "Timka" presented wide range of models for every taste and budget.Depending on the model, they are fitted with heat-insulated cover on the feet of waterproof fabric with reflective piping and a protective visor.Handle adjustable.In the models with a "+" and "comfort" runners are equipped with small wheels that allows you to easily cross the space cleared of snow.You simply press the knob, slightly tilt the sled "Timka" for themselves and without any problems cross the pure asphalt.In the normal position, the wheels do not touch the asphal


Roughly speaking, sleds "Timka" - a regular stroller, set on runners.They compactly folded, fits easily into a car trunk and do not take up much space in the apartment.Not the last advantage - weight.Depending on the model, a sledge "Timka" weigh 3.5 to 4.6 kg.They are intended only for walking, with a roller coaster ride in them.

The entire range has a flat width of 40 mm rails, three-point seat belt, backrest, which is fixed at two positions, and waterproof covers.They are easily removed for cleaning and laundry, attached with Velcro or buttons.

Sledge-stroller "Timka 2" - a popular model among parents.On Internet forums you can find a lot of positive feedback.Complaints sled "Timka" hardly cause.Among the shortcomings noted flimsy belts, lack of wheels for moving on asphalt and a small pocket.It fits very few things.For shopping with these sleds will not go.But, as analogues sledge "Timka" yet, parents are just happy that they do not have to slip in the deep snow.

Sledge-stroller "Timka 2": reviews

The shop sledge-stroller immediately catch the eye, and many parents are buying them without hesitation.The seat is soft and leans back.Position the backrest is adjustable, and the baby may even sleep in a sled.This baby's legs are closed, and the visor protects it from snow and sun.Quality good sled, breakage during use is practically not observed.It is also important that they are very light.Mom alone can bring them out on the stairs with no elevator.Sledge runners glide well, roll them very comfortable.

Disadvantages sledge-stroller parents treat a small hood, and not very strong belts.Some also note the lack of long handles, which is not too comfortable for tall parents.However, these disadvantages are not so great, that because they refuse such a convenient and necessary purchases like a sledge-stroller "Timka 2".