Raspberry jacket as a symbol of a bygone era

What distinguishes the new Russian era of the 90s by the Russian businessman of our day?Draw associative array.The first thing that comes to mind: MOBILE-sized sneakers, thick gold chains and crosses on his chest, purses, machinery domestic production of those who are poorer, and black foreign car for the real rich.But most importantly - a crimson jackets.Only in this way paunchy and bald nouveau riche look exactly as befits their status.

Yes, at the moment, crimson jacket is indeed a characteristic of a bygone era of financial pyramids, intense activity of the Russian mafia, the development of market trading, giving up censorship on television and in the press, decline in living standards of the average population and flourishing prostitution, alcoholism, drug addiction ... Yes, it was our 90th.But back to the new Russian and style.

Raspberry jacket is no accident appeared on the shelves of shops and expensive boutiques of the capital.According to history, in the early 90's, namely in 1992, fashio

n house Versace has shown the world a new collection, the main focus of which was crimson jackets.Nouveaux riches, had not followed the trends of fashion and did not have in his pocket large sums of money, we decided that the status must be emphasized vivid and memorable way.So, those who are richer, bought the original Versace, budding entrepreneurs and the bandits were content with Chinese counterparts.So crimson jacket was the new Russian uniform.The designers of the former Union republics (Slava Zaitsev, for example), also worked for the benefit of the bandits, sewing and more new models of clothes.

The complement your new image bandyugany of the 90s?Especially bold and brave not afraid to combine crimson jacket with sports trousers from "Adidas" and classic shoes made of artificial leather.Those who were close to the elite, did not allow themselves the luxury of treated and black trousers, but never forgot about the gold jewelry and purses.

Generally, a jacket is a symbol of the era, but actually about the life style and the new Russian early 90s can talk a lot.For example, they are all built the same house from red brick, like castles.Until now, these built architectural structures can be found in a holiday village near the town.When choosing a car, too nouveau riche imagination did not show.As a rule, the rich 'brother bought himself a Mercedes 600-th model, BMW "Grand Cherokee" or plain old VAZ-21099.

back in fashion, it is worth mentioning that due to well-known political events, the "Iron Curtain" was opened in the country have been actively importing cheap inferior goods from Turkey and China.Greedy novelties gangsters and their wives actively acquiring trendy trash and considered by legislators style All Russia.Pumps on thin heels, sweat pants from a variety of synthetic materials, jeans Varenkov unknown world companies and more.In addition to the markets and shops were children's toys from China, the US harmful food (and which is still popular) and much more about what is now we all remember with some nostalgia.

course, and now crimson jacket can be bought in any fashion department (the good, fashion is cyclical), but that era has not come back.90 left in the history.