Fashionable summer shoes 2013: the brighter - the better!

Fashionistas around the world are racking their brains: "What kind of summer shoes will be relevant in the upcoming season?".It would seem that we can not come up with anything new, all styles have long issued a model - invented.However, designers are again offering us new collections, which must know every girl that wants to be a trend latest fashion trends.

To help you understand all this motley variety of summer shoes, we try to break it down.Let's start with color.Actual colors of the approaching summer - bright and rich combination of all the rainbow palette.The more colors - the better!Welcome intricate ethnic patterns, animal prints and floral motifs.By the way, animalistic figures should choose a snake or crocodile, and formerly popular summer shoes "leopard" in the past.Feel free to look crisp and vivid geometric patterns or banal "polka dots", which again will be alive next summer.What form

take fashionable summer shoes this year?Yes, the one you prefer!Stylists do not put frames or any re

strictions in this selection.Feel free to wear long-nosed moccasin sandals or open platform.One condition - the shoes should be catchy!Everybody is tired of wearing beige classic pumps or plain black stilettos.This summer - it's time for new discoveries and experiments!And the rage can be called delicate summer shoes of colored lace.They are suitable for romantic persons and for self-confident women.Such best shoes to wear with dresses, Case pale colors, all attention was focused precisely on shoes.

For those who are not afraid to experiment, designers offer a clear summer shoes.They are made from high-quality synthetic material and are practically invisible on the leg!It seems that she is barefoot on tiptoe.However, when due to a foot showing a bright, decorated with rhinestones heel, all around come to even greater confusion and delight!

way, the decoration of the shoe is to talk separately.Designers offer this summer wearing shoes with metal rings, buttons and zippers.Rhinestones and stones will also be relevant, but it is better to confine only adornment of any one of the shoe, for example the heel.But glued feathers or flowers this summer will be quite inappropriately.Such footwear is better to postpone the cabinet away, who knows, maybe a couple of seasons would have to take.As they say, something new - is well forgotten old!

Now consider what men's summer shoes, we have prepared this year designers.For the strong half of humanity is invited undisputed classic.Severe forms, expensive leather, dark colors - though boring, but it looks elegant.Rather, every young person is already standing in the closet such shoes.Men's summer styles this season can only dilute colored shoes or sneakers, but it is - it is a sports theme.And every day is to give preference still restrained form of moccasins or shoes.