Do you want to change?

Red has long been considered the color of love and passion, including clothing.A woman dressed in red, unwittingly attracts the attention.Even if its plumage present only sandals that color looks retained at its shoe.

red sandals is why not every woman will dare to wear because they somehow attract the attention of passers-by at the feet of their owner.Hence the first rule: before you wear red sandals, we give first leg in order - flat heels without calluses and cracks, neat pedicure.

general red shoes this season is especially popular.Any self-respecting online shoe store offers a line of summer shoes red.You can select how the most simple and evening sandals.Photography, of course, right there on the site, choose - I do not want!And why, in fact, do not want to?Oh, you never wore red sandals?Are you afraid that it will be too bright?Then it's time to try!When, if not now, at the height of fashion?But perhaps you're more at risk to merge with the crowd of fashionistas, donned red sandals, rather t

han stand out.

However, if the article of clothing is red and really unusual for you, start with a "light version" - choose sandals with red accents, to get used to the bright image.And do not think that red sandals oblige you to follow the style of "woman in red".That's the second rule: it is not necessary to choose red shoes all the clothes of the same color scheme.And even different shades of red - not the best option.Generally, when it comes to everyday summer shoes, the red sandals can be combined with the same strap or hat, bag.But evening dress implies unity in the color of the dress and shoes.

You may not believe, but sandals red for many years not only inspired shoe designers.They managed to get even downers!A brief search on the Internet - and please!Compilers dream book claim that seen from Wednesday to Thursday in a dream surrounding red sandals means that soon you will survive out of the house any extraneous gossip.Not a very pleasant dream, but if it is a dream from Friday to Saturday, you can get out of its own predicament.And if you really dreamed about such nonsense (all around barefoot in red), it is better laugh, do not bother.

Once again, a combination of colors.If you still do not dare to buy bright red sandals, look toward the models of mixed colors.Thus, the combination of red and white will make the color more calm and pure, black color in conjunction with a fiery effect will the rigor and elegance.It is also considered a classic combination of gray and red.

If you still decide to purchase, at first look, that offer fashion trends.The choice is quite large - from simple clogs on low platforms and wedges to bright outdoor shoes at breakneck heels.Choose under his mood, to any outfit for any occasion or for everyday wear.Do not hesitate and feel like a queen!