How to braid KOLOSOK Herself

Spit at all times was considered a symbol of beauty and is a jewel for any girl.Venture out without carefully braided tresses was ugly and even ashamed.Zapletal braids at all times it was fashionable, but Russian girls braided themselves ordinary braids, French and created masterpieces.Later, when the spit quite confident in vogue, braids began to weave a variety of ways.For example, trailed, starting from the back, and gradually reduced in the side.At the same time, there are different types of braids spikelets for different occasions.Some of them can braid for going to work or school, while others are more lush, for a meeting or meetings with friends.In this case, you can show imagination and try to experiment with lush spikelets.However, the most difficult part of weaving braids - is to learn how to braid them myself.

Many girls wonder: "How to braid spike myself?".To learn how to start with the most basic, gradually complicating the hair, adding new details.So, what you need to braid themselves sp

ike?These are: a mirror, a comb, gum, and certainly the most important thing - patience and time.Unfortunately, this lack of patience is not at all.If you have everything you need in stock, we will try to start.

So, how to braid spike itself.The first thing you need to create any hairstyle - is carefully combed hair in such a way so that no "End of the Line."They adversely affect the quality of the spikelets.Weave the need to start from the top.It is necessary to separate the three identical strands and begin to weave a common braid.After the first conventional node to capture a small strand of hair, which are located on the side, and then put it on top of the lock, which continue to work.Then again weave spike to form a second assembly.As soon as he appeared, you must do the same thing as the first node created, only mirrored.Thus until the end plait themselves spike.Now you can teach your friends and tell them how to braid spike itself.

There are a source of information on how to braid spike itself, but many of them are quite confusing and unclear.Remaining at the end of plaiting the hair can be picked up in a ponytail and braid can be a conventional pigtail.Then it all depends on your imagination.The method described above is the most effective and simple to understand.

learn how to French braid of the braid, can be found below.In fact, the French braid Safety netting is practically no different from the usual classical.The difference is only a difference in the thickness of strands: the classic braid assumes a uniform thickness, while weaving the French it is constantly growing, from the most subtle.We start with the usual weave braids, then the right strand need to twist to the average, and then superimpose the left and connect to the average.Before you start twisting the left strand to capture the thumb of his left hand the left strand.Then you priplesti right strand, thus capturing additional strand.Then, perform the same steps, gradually adding new thin strands.The finished hairstyle can decorate a beautiful elastic or barrette.

Now you know how to braid pigtails itself.Every day you can be irresistible, to change your hair style depending on your mood.

Try it, and you do not have a question, how to braid spike itself.Do not be upset if the braid will not work the first time.This means that they need more patience and perseverance, and very soon you will be able to please your friends and loved ones a charming fashionable hairstyle.