How to Make a Bow of Hair: Original Ideas

Every girl knows that long hair - it's incredibly beautiful.Argue with the fact that very, very difficult ... In fact, it is!Luxury hair has always attracted the attention of the male owner was forced to admire this beauty.There are a myriad of hairstyles that you can perform from long hair.Starting from the simplest and ending with a much more sophisticated options.In recent years, more and more girls who want to look stylish, given their preference for hair "Bow."It especially loves Lady Gaga.When talking about the hair under the name "Bow", once an association with this creative, energetic, stylish singer.Lady Gaga taste can be trusted because it is always extraordinary when choosing clothes and all styles, including hair.

Most fashionistas do not know how to make a bow with their hands.In fact, there is nothing difficult.Make her really at home.First, it can go wrong, but with experience comes an understanding of how to make a bow made of hair quickly and efficiently.This hairstyle is perfect girl

who prefer business style.The elegant bow on top and combed straight long bangs will look incredibly elegant and stylish.There is one condition to get the perfect hairstyle: the hair should be straight.

First we need to divide the hair parted in the flat.The more accurate it is, the better it will look hairstyle.Now we need to collect hair in a ponytail, comb, then comb.Fleece make sure, it will give the volume and make more lush tail.However, apparently, despite the fleece, it should look smooth and even.Varnished.Then comb the hair gently from the parting.Then you have to twist a tourniquet, and then put it in a clockwise direction around the ponytail.To hairstyle hold, you need to fix the wiring pins.As a result of these actions is to get a small tail, which will be slightly to the left of that is already varnished.The same actions must be carried out with a small tail: comb, smooth and varnished.

Now should pay attention to the main point: the tail, which is smaller, you need to reel in his hand at an angle of forty-five degrees.Strict observance of the angle must be observed in order to form correct, then it must be secured by pins.Likewise, it is necessary to do and with the right tail.Now we learn how to make a bow made of hair correct form: the left part of the form must be exactly the same right.Again secure.After all the action will be carried out, and is almost ready to bow, will be one free strand of hair.It must be nice to fix diagonally using stealth, and then fix with varnish.

How to make a bow made of hair more accurate to each hairs exactly adjacent to the other?There is one secret of how to make a bow out of hair is very high quality, so that it looked like real models: before you start doing hair, you need to straighten your hair utjuzhkom.Particularly impressive is the look on the dark hair.

So, bow ready!With a chic hairstyle girl will be the most compelling and stunning at any party!I would like to emphasize the fact that this year, this hairstyle is fashionable global trend.

you with great pleasure can share all the secrets of her friends, how to make a bow made of hair quickly and efficiently.Now you know how to do hair bow and always look great!Being beautiful and unique so easy!