Weak hair?

Every girl wants to be beautiful and attractive.But the beauty - the concept of the collective, and its exact recipe, of course, does not exist.Integral parts of the ideal appearance is a good figure, well-groomed hands and nails, soft skin and, of course, healthy hair.

lush, strong, long hair at all at all times regarded as an indicator of femininity, so take care of them, to strengthen them must be given due attention.Like beautiful flowers, without "watering" (read "due care") hair will wither and fade by the day, especially if you live in a polluted metropolis dirty.

If your hair is no different strength, health and beauty, it's time to start to strengthen them.How?Well, of course, for this purpose there is a mask for strengthening hair.

Such masks - reinforcing cosmetics for hair and scalp.With an excellent curative effect, they are mostly made of natural components.For example, a popular mask for strengthening hair from a radish, carrot, from the mother and stepmother.Such decoctions can be

made with their own hands, but the manufacturers of masks for Hair is also actively using natural ingredients in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Normally strengthening mask rubbed into the hair roots, then tie a head scarf polyethylene, and over headscarves - a towel.Such application allows the best possible result.

But do not assume that the correct "wrap" and Pestryaev names of herbs are the key part of a great result - the funds in any case can not be used anyhow.Mask for strengthening hair is carefully selected based on the desired effect, hair type and other factors.Only if the correct selection it will give really good, visible and tangible results.

If we talk about types of hair, different types of masks fit the following:

- to strengthen greasy hair are ideal mask made from parsley, mixed with castor oil;rye bread in a decoction of onion peel and oak bark.

- suitable for dry hair mask of grated beets and onions, which are mixed with quite a bit heated using a water bath burdock oil;burdock oil mixed with egg yolk;mask of castor, burdock or almond oil mixed with lemon juice (so-called oil bath).

- to strengthen normal hair is allowed to use any firming mask with the only proviso that instead of oils and broths better to use yogurt.

As already mentioned, if desired, any mask can be made independently.Of course, homemade mask for strengthening hair is much more useful than the purchased, as any cosmetic product that you can buy in the store, will almost always contain alcohol, preservatives and various additives, which are intended to strengthen its action, but the same effect on the hairnegatively.If your choice - firming mask, prepared with his own hands in the home, there are a few basic tips, which should be heeded.

So, we should not forget that for the preparation of masks should be used only fresh products and fresh juices as soon as they are fully preserved vitamins.

Do not use the mask all at once, much better to choose one, or at most two, and apply them on your hair for a month or two - then you feel really tangible result.

When using burdock oil you need to pay attention to its composition.Poor, poor oil usually consists only of paraffin oil and soybean glycerol.

If your hair is oily, it is best to add a mask of lemon juice or mustard, but dry hair more suitable olive or castor oil.

When using castor oil should be noted that it is very difficult to wash off, and because it is commonly used together with brandy.

best to strengthen the hair, starting from the roots.There are also special mask for strengthening hair roots.Using them, you can be sure that your hair had grown, will look much stronger and healthier than before.

In general, if you want to look beautiful and attractive, you definitely need to take care of the hair.A mask for strengthening hair - the best way out of this situation, especially one that is made with their own hands.